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The Department of Mechatronics Engineering of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has manufactured a ventilator and a handwashing machine for the purpose of curbing the spread of coronavirus

Prof. Kazeem Adebiyi, the rector of the institution, showcased the machines during a press conference in Ibadan on Thursday.

The rector disclosed that the institution was able to execute this project through an accreditation grant provided by the government of Oyo State. 

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According to him, the last time the institute benefited from such a grant and developed an innovative technology solution was in 2009.

 Adebiyi said, “When we received the letter of accreditation that we passed all our programmes for accreditation. It was a joyful thing. It was an accreditation for 13 programmes and we passed all. Also, we did three professional accreditations which we passed and that looked like magic to anybody. ‘How are we able to achieve that?’ they wondered. We had the support of the government. That is our strategy and that is why we need to really appreciate the government. This is because when we looked at the records, the last time the institution benefited from such a grant was in 2009 and was the last time we received an accreditation grant from the government.”

-Prof. Kazeem Adebiyi

He stated that the funding enabled the Mechatronics Engineering Department to design a TPI Mechanical Ventilator 2020 and TPI Smart Hand Washer for releasing water, soap, and hand sanitiser.

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“These and other equipment acquired have earned the department the opportunity to start its Higher National Diploma (HND) programme as certified by the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE). “We have been on this to secure approval for this programme for like two years because we did have the adequate equipment required and now that we have got it.” Adebiyi said.

Prof Adebiyi added that:

When the issue of pandemic started, we put heads together that this is the citadel of technological innovation and then we should be seen as such. We started with the common needs and you can see this mask was produced here, then sanitisers and we went into producing this automated hand washing machine and then ventilator. The ventilator was tested at the University College Hospital (UCH) because we work with experts from UCH to get the ventilator.

Furthermore, he explained that:

“They were satisfied with its performance as it was tested with manique, which we don’t have but they have it there and they certified the performance of the ventilator,” he noted.

Adebiyi also urged other institutions in Nigeria to contribute to the government’s effort in curbing the spread of COVID-19. 

According to Mr. Kamorudeen Olaiya, Head of Department of Mechatronics Engineering, who spearheaded the research that led to the production of the machines, the project was done through collective efforts and eventually paid off. 

“The department was first established in 2010 but we got accredited in 2011. “The team of lecturers, technologists and some of our students in the department fabricated these machines with the help of a consultant at UCH to help in the fight against COVID-19.”

-Mr. Kamorudeen Olaiya



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This article was first published on 29th May 2020


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