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  The word ‘climate change’ has been recurring for more than a decade, but now we all are feeling the effects, some more than others. Although we read and hear about the effect of climate change and how it is affecting countries on a global scale, what some people still fail to realise is that everyone is affected someway somehow. Climate change plays out differently from one country to the other. Yet, more and more people are becoming vulnerable to the effects in diverse ways – ranging from increased temperature, wildfires, food shortages, water scarcity, hurricanes, extreme weather conditions, and many other destructive natural phenomena. All of these climate-related disasters underscore the need for urgent collaborative actions and it is precisely what’s upcoming Climate Action Stakeholders Forum aims to explore. The event will assemble over 300 including cleantech startups and advocates, stakeholders, policymakers, investors across all climate verticals.

A Call For Volunteers

Do you have a keen interest in contributing to ongoing efforts that tackle climate change?  Would you like to support the CleanbuildVoices campaign as a volunteer? If yes, you could apply here to volunteer as a social media, content developer, researcher or campus ambassador.

Expectations As A Volunteer

Social Media As a volunteer on social media, you would be required to:
  • Run #CleanbuildVoices campaigns.
  • Increase engagement across social media.
  • Work with an in-house social media manager to develop and implement strategies.
Content Development As a volunteer writer, you would be required to:
  • Assist the writing team with well-developed articles around renewable energy, clean technology, and climate change.
  • Pitch content ideas that can drive engagement.
  • Work closely with the editor.
Research As a research volunteer, you would be required to:
  • Conduct in-depth research in the areas of climate finance and policy; the state of Africa’s transition to renewables: its potentials and challenges; and Africa’s approach to a circular economy.
  • Keep abreast of current global developments and trends within the energy industry.
  • Be familiar with key players within Africa’s cleantech and waste management sectors.
Campus Ambassador As a volunteer, you would be required to:
  • Be the voice of #CleanbuildVoices on your campus
  • Promote the upcoming events and projects
  • Bring ideas to help increase awareness of #CleanbuildVoices campaign on the campus
If you fit into any of the available options and would like to be a volunteer, click here to fill a form. Climate change is real and collectively we can make a difference. Remember, there is no ‘Planet B’ if our earth is completely ruined. Hence, now is the time to act for the greater good of humanity. is building the largest stakeholders climate action in Africa and we are excited for you to be a part of this movement. Featured Image Source:
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This article was first published on 22nd September 2021

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