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Nigeria is full of great locations that would be great for a destination wedding. A destination wedding is simply a marriage ceremony organized in a location that requires a few hours (e.g. not less than 100 miles from the bride or groom’s family residence) or a few days’ worth of travel. Destination weddings are held in places that mean a great deal to both/either of the couple like a favourite city, landmark, etc. It could be anywhere that fits their personality or would make for a breathtaking photo album of their most memorable day. It could even just be a quiet setting, ideal for a few friends and family members. Whatever the reason is for having a destination wedding, just make sure the venue is easily accessible. Choosing a destination wedding automatically cuts your guest list down to the barest minimum attendees. Planning a wedding ceremony and reception in a town with good honeymoon spots, helps you kill two birds with one stone. Still, everyone likes to have the same venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. If that’s you, you can could use any restaurant for the reception while the ceremony can be at a gorgeous location. There are a number of scenic places to check out when choosing an out-of-town location for your destination wedding.


You could choose to do the wedding in any resort at your dream destination that has a wedding package or multiple room discount. You can get that with Clear Essence California Spa and wellness Resort in Lagos. That is, it has the facility to host a wedding and also has a honeymoon package. That way, your guests can lodge, be well rested and not stress themselves to get to the venue. A few resorts across the county that come to mind are Abraka Turf and Country club in Delta state and Zenababs Half Moon Resort in Osun state.

Beach or water side

This location is best during dry season where the sun is up and the probability of rainfall is low. Most of the beaches in Lagos and within Nigeria require quite a travel distance from the bustling cities. Some are private others aren’t. A few beaches have a resort close-by that could make a nice honeymoon location after the ceremony. Some examples are Casa Ilesha Resort at V.I. and Suntan Beach resort at Badagary, both in Lagos State. Just make sure they have covered areas that you can use in case the weather slips up.


If you are a nature lover, check out Botanical and zoological gardens as a possible wedding location. Gardens already come equipped with green plants and coloured flowers that make for a cute picture. The structure of the garden is best suited for a small crowd. You can have rented canopies set up in the garden in case it rains. Agodi Botanical Garden and Zoological Garden in Ibadan, Oyo state are lovely locations to consider.


This does not refer to National Parks where animals roam free. A public park is usually a location set aside for people to relax. Some have benches, others don’t, A few come with swings and play areas to keep your guest’s children occupied. If the state or authorities that be agree, they can make a cost effective spot for a destination wedding in your dream city. Examples would be Trans-Amusement park in Ibadan, Oyo State or National park in central Abuja, FCT. Remember, a destination wedding helps you focus on what’s truly important to you. If travelling is a priority to you, incorporating it into your special day via train rides, boat cruises, etc. should be too.

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This article was first published on 12th September 2018


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