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There have been reported cases of diarrhea outbreak in Lagos. The Lagos State Government made it known at a Press Conference in Lagos on Tuesday, 24th July 2017, as the 27 cases reported came with symptoms associated with the disease; diarrhea and vomiting. Adding that the outbreak was as a result of the heavy rainfall and aftermath flooding experienced in the state. While sanitation is extremely difficult during this period, it is expedient to reduce the impact of cholera and other water borne diseases. Cholera is caused by the bacteria Vibrio Cholera which is contracted by drinking or eating food swarmed by flies and infected with cholera. Preventing Cholera is through Proper Sanitation System. Here are few precautionary Steps to take:

Wash Your Hands:

Always ensure you wash your hands before you eat and before going to the toilet. Even though it is not a communicable disease, not washing your hands properly and thoroughly would spread the bacteria faster to you. Make use of a hand wash or a hand sanitizer in the absence of clean water.

Boil and Disinfect your Water:

Water you will use for brushing your teeth, making coffee or tea, drinking or preparing your meals should be properly boiled. Be sure to wipe the edges of your containers, can or bottle before putting it into your mouth.

Never use flood water to wash your Food Containers:

Always be sure that you use disinfected water when washing any item that contains your water and food.

Thoroughly Cook Your Food:

Avoid eating uncooked food. Make sure you cook your meals properly especially sea foods. Avoid food from food vendors you cannot verify their process of cooking. Avoid already peeled fruits. Eat meals freshly cooked and served hot.

Clean or Discard toys:

Children have a very high risk of putting anything they find directly into their mouths. Ensure you disinfect their toys. Pick out all the items you are not sure of their sanitation and place it out of their reach. Do not allow children to play with toys that have been contaminated by flood water and have not been disinfected. Materials that cannot be readily disinfected, such as stuffed animals or pillows, should be discarded. Water in Lagos has been contaminated because of the over flooding of septic tanks so be very conscious of the Water you drink.  Disinfect your cutleries, Plates, Cooking Items that may have swarm into flooded areas of your house

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This article was first published on 26th July 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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