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Easter is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, as believed by Christians. This year’s Easter falls on the first weekend in the month of April as Easter Sunday is on Sunday, April 5, 2015. One thing out of many things Nigerians do a lot at Easter is attend church services. Most churches will experience more attendance than they would on a usual Sunday morning. For Christians in Nigeria, going to church on Easter Sunday is a must and one must prepare for multiple thanksgiving offerings. Another thing we do a lot is going out on picnics. When I was a kid back in my town in Osun state, we would all attend ‘Galilee’ on Easter Monday to meet with the ‘Risen Jesus’. All the churches in my town would be at the secondary school football field under different colourful canopies, with the choir singing, friends and families sharing food, and a lot of other fun activities going on. In a city like Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt etc., it might be different as many of people would rather go to cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, and other fun places available. Other activities include travelling to the village, organizing a family feast, attending traditional weddings, events and the likes. But sometimes you just want to go to a totally different place – maybe somewhere you haven’t been before – and do something new. So, if your question is “Where am I/are we going to spend this holiday?” worry no more; I have the answer for you. Go to Calabar, where the warmest welcome in Nigeria awaits you. If you are still wondering why Calabar should be your destination of choice for the Easter holiday, let me tell you some places to visit and fun things to do while in Calabar.   VISIT THE MARINA RESORT The Marina Resort in Calabar sits on a great historical site, the water mouth of Calabar. It stands near old slave trade sites where 30 percent of the slaves that left Africa were deported. Today, the Marina Resort is a preserved historical site, an ‘island’ having a cinema house, and recreation center. The slave history museum is located right inside Marina Resort, and you can have an experiential tour to gain greater understanding of the immense travails leading up to the emancipation of Africans sold as slaves. Sights and sounds of that era have been enacted to take you back in time and help you feel the happenings of the past. The famed Tortuga ‘island’ is a sit-out inside the resort overlooking the Calabar River, lapping alluringly on the well-fortified edges of the long rows of well-trimmed flower hedged walk ways. You can order from a well-stocked bar and have expertly roasted fish alongside a few other things you would definitely enjoy. You can also enjoy a movie or two at the Filmhouse Cinema located inside the resort.   TAKE A BOAT RIDE TO THE CREEKS You can take a boat ride and explore the creeks which have been unhampered for centuries. You can also visit exciting spots such as the Creek Town Presbyterian Church (built in 1846) and its historical cemetery. You can also visit Eyo Ema Ekon’s 1895 prefabricated building shipped in from the UK, Mary Slessor’s prefabricated house dating back to 1887 and various landmarks of historical importance.   VISIT NIGERIA’S FIRST STATE HOUSE The old residency museum is a place to visit while in town. The imposing and ornate building once served as the headquarters of the Protectorate of the Southern Coast until 1914 when the capital was moved to Lagos, and currently houses artifacts and relics of historical and archaeological interest.   ENJOY THE LOCAL CUISINES You don’t want to visit Calabar without trying out their tasty cuisines like freshly prepared Fisherman’s soup, Edikang-Ikong soup, Afia Efere soup, Ekpang Nkukwo dish, Afang soup and many others. It is a delightful experience your taste buds won’t forget for a long time.   TASTE THE NIGHTLIFE If you are interested in nightlife and clubbing, nightlife in Calabar is fun as the clubs have amazing DJs. Some of the clubs are Jasper 131 (Marian Road), Mayfair Lounge (MCC Road), Quorum Lounge (Atekong Drive), Pinnacle Nightclub (MCC Road), Pete’s Ville Nightclub (2nd Avenue, State Housing Estate), Bay’s Bar (Diamond Hills), Beverly Heels Club (Calabar Municipal) amongst others. So, what are you waiting for? I suggest you call your travel agent now and experience Calabar this Easter Holiday.     About the Writer: Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian, who believes in God and humanity. He is a writer, blogger, and an aspiring Television Director; and an optimist to the core. He blogs at and tweets @Chrisbamidele

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This article was first published on 19th March 2015


Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian, who believes in God and humanity. He is a writer, blogger, and an aspiring Television Director; and an optimist to the core. He blogs at and tweets @Chrisbamidele.

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