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Matchroom boxing and Anthony Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, has threatened unified heavyweight champion, Andy Ruiz, to agree to a fight in the United Kingdom or face a legal suit.

Hearn said the fight contract which Ruiz signed clearly stated that, in the event that Joshua loses the match, like he did, the British boxer has autonomy over the rematch venue.

Ruiz, however, is adamant on not facing Joshua in the UK.

Hearn has issued a warning to the new champ, telling him his current position concerning the venue for the fight will only bring him a rain of law suits which may potentially end his career.

“There would be a huge legal case that will probably stop him from fighting. He knows what he signed and it wasn’t unfair what he signed but he has contractual obligations that he has to meet now.

…if he was to win that fight, as set out in the contract there were a number of terms that he would have to adhere to. It’s very standard. It’s not, ‘oh that was out of order. he is the A-side now. No, this was what was agreed by both parties. Negotiated and agreed.


The Mexican war dog must now choose to either let Joshua have his way or let the law decide.

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This article was first published on 17th July 2019


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