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After much criticism for his very awkward fighting technique, British boxer, Lawrence Okolie, has adopted a new trainer in a bid to improve his fighting style.

Okolie believes that Shane McGuigan is the spark he needs to up his game as he sets his eyes on European champion Yves Ngabu.

The boxer had a short amateur career which culminated in a spot at the Rio 2016 Olympics, before he turned professional.

However, despite turning pro, Okolie is yet to gain the much needed attention to help him climb through boxing ranks.

The 26-year-old boxer, who is considered as one of Britain’s biggest prospects, got his big break after his grudge match with fellow Londoner and rising prospect Isaac Chamberlain in 2018.

Okolie won the bout, however, this was the beginning of his woes as many began to criticise his boxing style.

He went ahead to capture the the British and Commonwealth cruiser-weight titles, howbeit, not without much criticism.

Okolie is comfortable behind his jab and would rather wait for an opening than go fo the kill and dictate the tempo of the fight. This technic make his fights quite unenjoyable, and the boxer is aware of this.

With his new trainer, the 6ft 5 fighter is ready to switch up his game and become the dominant force who dictates the flow of the fight in the ring.

“I just look at the facts and the figures. People call me rubbish, but I know I’m not and my record shows that. I’ve been in some fights where I haven’t been that good. I can accept that. I’m not blind.

When I watch it back, it’s not the most fun thing to watch. I definitely take on board criticism that I agree with, but I never let it overwhelm or change much.

“I just want to be a good fighter, and good fighters don’t have scrappy fights because they’re too busy dictating what they want on to other fighters.

— Lawrence Okolie

Speaking on his partnership with step forward, Shane McGuigan, Okolie said he is enjoying his time with the coach and is ready to go for his target head-on.

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This article was first published on 22nd July 2019


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