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  There are many FinTech companies in Nigeria currently offering innovative services to millions of Nigerians, but not many of them have set up platforms to allow other innovators to build needed solutions.
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TechAdvance is looking to solve that problem of providing a means for solutions wasting away in sandboxes to launch. For more than a decade, TechAdvance has contributed to solutions ranging from payment gateways to international payments to global digital banks to decentralised finance. The platform aptly named Bloc will help startups and diverse sizes of enterprises to build, launch and grow their FinTech applications in very little time. The official release of its latest product, Bloc, by TechAdvance was made on Monday, September 13th, 2021. Bloc, with its suite of proprietary APIs opens the door to FinTech to all and sundry willing to participate in the tech sector including small businesses, large corporations and other internet startups. Bloc’s release comes with 5 activated API products in the Bloc API suite. The five API products comprise CashCode, Agency Banking, eWallets, Virtual Accounts, Utilities, and Transfers. Edmund Olotu, the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at TechAdvance emphasized that;
“All companies will become FinTech companies.”
It is believed that Bloc will open up more opportunities for the entire African FinTech space while also opening up opportunities to tap into the gold mine of FinTech solutions easily.
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Edmund Olotu also stated;
“With our APIs, companies/startups can now offer their customers a range of banking and financial services. With cash deposits and withdrawals, local and international wallets, recurring payments, cardless withdrawals, bill payments, individual and bulk transfers—companies can increase revenue and stay profitable.”
Bloc is reportedly built for speed, has a faster time to market by removing the usual complexities that makes it harder to build and launch a product, is simple to use, easy to integrate within minutes of engineering teams signing up and gaining access to the API products. Bloc is a secure and protected platform with security certifications by standards bodies such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and backed up with licenses such as the CBN’s Micro Finance Bank License, NCC’s Value Added Services license, and a PSSP license. It is also easier to release updates through the Bloc platform, simplifies deployment, and is very compatible with other third-party APIs. This addition via Bloc’s innovative API is one out of the many that TechAdvance hopes to release into Tech space in the nearest future. Featured Image Source: TechCabal
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This article was first published on 16th September 2021


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