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There is a prevalent computer virus on the block and its name is Ransomware. According to BBC News, the blackmailing virus maliciously locks out victims from their computer systems and demands the payment of a fee before access to their files is given. Mobile devices can also be attacked, as it comes secretly attached to some apps. It is also downloadable through spam emails once clicked on, pointing to how important it is to delete e-mails or attachments from unknown sources. Victims have been asked to pay up to N99,500 ($500) in bitcoins. “For the most part, we’ve seen ransomware delivered through drive-by downloads – it pretends to be a popular app, increasing the chances that you’ll click on it,” Gert-Jan Schenk, Vice President at internet security company Lookout, said in the BBC News report. “To avoid these threats, users should be very careful about what apps they install, and where they come from – read the reviews on Google Play, and avoid side-loading from untrusted sources.”     Source: BBC   Read also: Security Alert: Beware of Email Scams

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This article was first published on 15th December 2015


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