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As you prepare for Africa’s largest business fair, social media should no doubt be one of your top priorities. Using social media the right way will help you reach prospects, retain customers and attract the business fair attendees to your booth.

The following below are social media tools you should utilise to prepare effectively for the business fair and get the results you want.


After Whatsapp, Facebook is the next social media platform with the largest number of active users. This makes it the ideal platform to gain exposure, increase attendance and drive engagement for an event. Creating a Facebook event page that keeps your audience updated on the fair is a good way to keep them interested and engaged until the day of the fair. Ensure you make the page thought-provoking and interactive to increase the chances of them attending the event.

Event Hashtags

Hashtags are created to make social media posts more discoverable by users. Connect Nigeria’s hashtag for the business fair is #cnbizfair. Use this hashtag to promote the fair on your social media platforms. Reach out to others who are using the hashtag. Add the hashtags to your posts and tweets actively promoting the fair and indicating that you will be a participant. Join in conversations surrounding the hashtag. Remember, there is a reason why hashtags are everywhere on social media these days. Use them to reach your target audience and create visibility for your business and the fair.


The adoption of video as a marketing tool has become more prevalent in this digital age. In fact, research has shown that 71% of marketers claim video conversion rates outperform other marketing content Utilising video marketing as a means of promoting the business fair as well as your products and services can help drive the required engagement for your business to flourish. A good video marketing strategy can be posting teaser videos of new services or products you plan to unveil at the event or contests you will be hosting. This is a great way to generate interest in your brand and give your audience a glimpse of what you plan to sell on the day of the fair. Teasers can be shared on any social media platform and they will have more impact if you incorporate the event hashtag.


LinkedIn lets you connect and network with others in your industry so it is another ideal platform to spread the word about an event such as the business fair. You can create awareness about the fair by posting a status update, incorporating eye-catching visuals and informing people about the perks of attending the event. Leveraging the huge community available to you on LinkedIn by reaching out to professionals or partners in your industry is a good way to attract attendees of value to the business fair.


Storytelling has been found to be an effective way for businesses to spark the right emotions in their audience. Use the power of storytelling to show your audience how you have been preparing for the event, what your business does and where they come in to play. By sharing story-driven content leading up to, during and even after the event, you succeed in humanising your brand, building trust with your followers, and offering a glimpse of what is like to work with your company. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are the best platforms to share content such as this while LinkedIn remains the platform of professionalism.

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This article was first published on 7th March 2019 and updated on March 13th, 2019 at 8:46 pm


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