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  There is a prevalent notion that many Nigerians lack familiarity with fundamental first-aid techniques. It is often argued that a significant portion of the Nigerian population is unaware of how to appropriately respond in emergencies.
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This perspective gains support from a widely circulated video, initially shared on X (formerly known as Twitter). The video showcased a distressing altercation between two female roommates, culminating in one of them unintentionally severing the other’s veins with a knife. Unfortunately, despite the onlookers who were mostly fellow roommates, the majority of whom appeared bewildered and agitated, the victim’s life was tragically lost shortly after her veins started to spew blood.
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It is worth highlighting that, regardless of the gravity of the injury, the outcome might have been different if her roommates had been equipped with rudimentary first-aid knowledge. In response to this harrowing incident, Aproko Doctor released an instructive video tutorial. In this video, he outlines the essentials of basic first-aid practices that could prove to be invaluable should individuals encounter similar critical situations. Aproko Doctors also delves into the seemingly ordinary to show how resourceful one needs to become in emergencies, by the use of a cooking spoon for his tutorial.
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Watch the video below.
From the foregoing, families, schools, corporate entities, religious houses, and so on need to get themselves equipped for emergencies and not be cut off guard. The purchase of first-aid kits is highly encouraged, just as having a fire extinguisher is advised. Featured Image Source: Newzandar News
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This article was first published on 9th November 2023


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