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  Imagine a mobile application that allows you to report an emergency and get help in real-time. All you would have to do is lodge a complaint and help would be provided to you in no time. This is what apps such as the Lagos State Citizens Gate app offer you. Released in October 2016 by Lagos State Government, the Lagos State Citizens app aims to bridge the gap between the government and the people.
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It has emerged in a time when residents of Lagos have to face unending protocols and unnecessary delays to lodge their complaints or make inquiries. It was launched by the Lagos State government to eliminate communication gaps between the government and Lagosians, allowing them to contact governmental agencies without having to leave their homes. Meet The Citizens Gate App To register on the app, you have to click the menu bar located at the top left corner of the app and click on “Create New Account” if you are using the app for the first time. Once you register, you will be sent an email to confirm registration as well as provide registration details such as email and password. This will then allow you to access the key services offered by the Citizens Gate App
These services are categorized into 6 segments, namely File a Feedback, LASSRA Registration, Departments and Agencies, Online Payment For State Services, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and Local Government. With full access to the app, you can then view tickets, (a list of previously filed inquiries; file a feed (by accessing a form which allows you log feedback in the form of a complaint, commendation, inquiry, or suggestion), and manage your account. The LASSRA link is a gateway to the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency’s (LASSRA) website, an electronic database of all residents in Lagos.
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The Departments and Agencies segment contains a list of over 100 ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) along with their website addresses. The Online Payment for State Services link allows you to make payments for any services you use on the app. With FAQS, you can view answers to questions you or any user is likely to have. Given the potential of the Lagos State Citizen Gate app to make life easier for Lagosians, there is a need to create more awareness of the benefits of using the app. A review by Technext highlights the reasons why the Citizens Gate app needs more publicity. “For an app built for such a large audience, the app has too few downloads (5000+), with 44 reviews of which only 2 are dated this year. Its social media handle (Twitter) also has just 4 tweets since creation and 12 followers. If the app is to revolutionize citizen’s engagement with the government, then getting the citizens attention is the first step.” With the appropriate dose of publicity, the app has the potential to become the go-to platform for Lagosians looking to provide feedback and receive help from governmental establishments in real-time. Getting The App Click the links below to download the Lagos State Citizens Gate app depending on the device you use. Featured Image Source: Techpoint
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This article was first published on 27th June 2020


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