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Thousands of participants, including professionals and organisations from different sectors, are set to converge at the HR Expo Africa (HREA), Africa’s foremost human capital and organisational development platform, which is set to hold its annual International gathering for 2021.  

Following the successful HREA Virtual Work Festival in 2020, which saw thousands of participants join from around the world, HREA has unveiled its 2021 event. In 2020, upon the onset of the coronavirus, HREA switched from its in-person conference mode to a completely virtual one.

The virtual mode notwithstanding, HREA created a unique, dedicated AI-powered virtual conference hub that delivered an unforgettable experience.

Premium training, exhibition, networking, and robust interaction were all successfully synchronized to the excitement and benefit of participants. It was a huge success. The theme was ‘For Success in the New Era’. It was a fitting theme, given the seismic changes that altered life as we know it.

For 2021, HREA has developed what it describes as “an even better offering”. HREA Work Festival 2021 is both virtual and in-person.

The theme of the festival is “Borderless Work”.  It is scheduled to hold on April 14 – 15, 2021. The in-person part of the festival will hold at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

For participants joining virtually, they will be treated to the best multi-platform technology experience in global conferencing through the HREA AI-Powered Virtual Conference Hub.

The work festival will see world-renowned leading lights in the public, private, and third sectors facilitate the 7 sessions designed to project the dominant trends in the world of work such as Future Trends, HR Technology, Wellbeing, Leadership, Start-ups, Technology and Workforce Upskilling.

Participants will include professionals and organisations from across industries globally, each having a rich array of empowering festival options to pick from.

Exhibition and networking will also feature prominently during the two-day event. As has been the case annually, but even more so this time, a ready global market of buyers, sellers, advertisers, investors, and strategic partners will be activated at the festival.

Speaking on the mission of HREA and the rationale behind the 2021 theme, the Founder of HREA, Mrs Erefa Fynecontry-Coker, said:

“Adopting ‘Borderless Work’ as the theme for HREA Work Festival 2021, followed a careful assessment of the dominant trends in the world of work, including needs and influences. This thorough undertaking, commissioned annually, shapes the strategic direction of the festival. 

“The concept of borderless work has maintained a trajectory of growing prominence over a period of time owing to rising disruption to work and workplaces by technology, on the one hand, and efforts to rethink work, on the other. Such efforts have included remote working systems, for-work/life balance innovations, and easily manageable multi-tier collaboration systems. Some of these changes to work and the workplace capture the concept of borderless work, a key component of the much-talked-about future of work. 

“To understand the concept of borderless work, a dual perspective is key. Borderless work can be understood from the perspective of work made possible without the physical bridges that connect people and places scattered around the world, and work enabled by innovative work systems that make the inhibitions of time and space of little to no consequence.” 

On the response of HREA to the challenges within the world of work in this era, Fynecontry-Coker said:

“From technology and innovation to internal and external crises, HREA has carefully examined the positive and negative trends in the world of work contributing to the transformation of work as we know it. Through the assembling of some of the best minds in talent, organisational and systems management, the world over, to share their highly sought-after ideas, HREA has been able to significantly bolster collaborative strategic contribution to the development of a managed transition to the rapidly dawning future of work.

“In 2020, the world was forced to adapt to a new reality defined by restrictions on the community owing to the onset of the greatest public health crisis in a century —COVID-19. Life as we have always known it was upended. The physical workplace shrunk significantly. Organisations reeled from the monumental losses. Survival became almost the only goal for many talents and business. Sadly, this dark reality has carried on into 2021.

“But, thankfully, the reality of restriction, loss and pain was not the only remnant of the preceding year. The world also learnt to further appreciate the space-transcending power of technology and innovation; the world of work even more so. 

“Hence, organisations and people separated by great chasms of distance and time have been able to build sustainable systems for collaboration, successfully creating inspiring outcomes in defiance of the pressures of an exacting time.

“It is along this line of evolution that borderless work, a concept that speaks to both remote working and technology-enabled reimagined workspace, assumed renewed prominence as a major strategic response to the changing operating environment.”

Intending participants can register for the festival via the website; send a mail to; or call: 09016477399

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This article was first published on 16th March 2021

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