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The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Akinwunmi Adesina, announced one of Nigeria’s music icons, Dapo ‘D’banj’ Oyebanjo, as the Ambassador for the Nagroprenuers Initiative in Abuja, yesterday. The minister said, “I will want D’banj to be the Ambassador for Nagroprenuers and to help communicate this initiative to youths. “We want to change the labour component of agriculture; most farmers today are old at an average age of 60 years. “We must get the younger people to imbibe agriculture as a business; that is why President Goodluck Jonathan launched a programme called Nigerian Agricultural Entrepreneurs (Nagroprenuers)”. The entertainment icon said music was the biggest export commodity of the country after crude oil and agriculture is the future and the way forward; he also tasked the minister to support the Nigerian youth to get involved in agriculture. “Growing up, I did not see agriculture as a viable sector. I have been following the news under the minister and I am proud to be the ambassador to champion this move of youth involvement in agriculture. “Let the youths be aware that if we don’t focus on agriculture, we may end up dying of hunger. I am volunteering to be an ambassador of agriculture under your leadership as minister,” NAN quoted D’banj. D’banj said under his partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture to promote youth involvement in the sector, he would be known as the ”Koko farmer”. D’banj is currently an ambassador for ‘ONE Campaign’ for its agricultural programme titled Year of Agriculture.  

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This article was first published on 13th March 2014

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