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The Lagos State Government has revealed plans to build 1008 housing units in Ijora – an agrarian community in Lagos, populated by low income earners and certain middle class folks. The plan, made known by the Governor, Babatunde Fashola, will be another option for residents around the Ijora community and elsewhere. Fashola explained that, “People should be able to live close to the train station and walk about a kilometre to their homes. So it is a dream, it is beginning to come together. This is what we saw and we will deliver it. What we are going to do in Ijora from this year with about 1008 housing units is not consistent with a government that is demolishing. We are builders and not demolishers. We are focused; we know where the target is. We are locked on target and that is why we are all out here as a team from our Local Governments to House of Assembly, members of the House of Representatives. This government is tight, it knows where its goal is and it knows what its people expect of it and would deliver it,” he concluded

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This article was first published on 30th January 2013

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  • How can one get the opportunity of geeting one of this apartment.thanks

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