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  Architecture has seen significant transformation during the past century, from straightforward stone and wood structures to massive metal towers. Today is the era of steel, as it is used in vast amounts for construction purposes.
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The building frame is the backbone of any structure, as it is strong, durable, and cost-effective. Steel building frames are the standard type that has gained popularity recently. This kind of frame has a lot of advantages that make it the perfect option for several construction jobs.

What is a Rigid Steel Building?

It is a prefabricated structure made from stainless steel. Such a construction’s structural support system has three main parts, which are- Primary and secondary support systems and the bracing system. The structure is made from steel panels welded together and then bolted to the floor and ceiling. These parts are then delivered to their desired location by truck or train, where they can be assembled by hand.

What is a rigid metal building used for?

The list of possible uses for a rigid metal building is incredibly long and can be used in several different ways. The most common types of applications are listed below to check whether a steel construction frame is suitable according to your requirement.

Commercial constructions

Commercial structures are used for a variety of purposes. The most common use is for retail stores and restaurants, where they provide space for the business to operate. Commercial buildings are also used for offices, warehouses, manufacturing, and medical facilities.
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Military facilities

A great example of how such buildings are used is for military facilities. Military facilities are often built in remote locations and require a lot of security. These metal buildings provide a secure and durable structure for military facilities that can withstand harsh conditions.

Aviation hangars

Aviation hangars are used for aircraft storage, repair, and maintenance. They can be used for military, commercial, and private or personal planes. The hangars are also ideal for training purposes for pilots.

Automotive storage buildings

These buildings are used to store cars and parts. Automotive storage buildings are made from steel and can be built in any particular size or shape. These buildings can be utilized for various purposes, including the storage of auto parts, vehicles, motor equipment, and other related machinery. They’re typically built to meet the client’s specific needs and requirements, so many automotive storage buildings are available in the market today.

How much does a rigid steel building cost?

The cost of a rigid steel building depends on the size and design. For example, an 8×20-foot structure might cost around $10,000, while a 20×40-foot structure could be as much as $60,000. Compared to other types of buildings, rigid metal structures are generally less expensive due to their ease of construction and less complex designs.
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With so many different options, you can find the perfect building frame for your needs. Rigid steel buildings are a great choice if you’re looking for an aircraft hangar, garage, or storage unit. They offer many benefits like cost effectiveness, durability, etc. Hence, research properly and select an authentic and reputed dealer to get your building constructed. Featured Image Source: Dreamstime
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This article was first published on 18th February 2023

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