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From nowhere, it’s now a regular on your budget. I am talking about money for your usual monthly subscription on your device(s). On a monthly basis, you spend thousands recharging and subscribing for monthly data plans.

And then by the 20th of the month you get that annoying text message, “You’ve used up 90% of your data plan…” You then start wondering: ‘what finished my MB?’ ‘What did I download?’ ‘Are these people cheating me?’ Enough of that.

Here are some simple ways to conserve your data plan.

  1. Make use of Wi-Fi whenever possible. But hey, be careful when using public networks.
  2. If you own more than one mobile device and you also make use of a laptop, it’s advisable to buy a portable MiFi device and recharge it alone, then share the network for all your devices. This is also helpful in the family, get a MiFi that everyone uses.
  3. Find out the apps that are consuming your MB and disable the ones that don’t need to be used outside of a Wi-Fi network. You can do this by going to “settings”, then select “data usage” for android users or “settings” and then select “cellular” for IPhone users.
  4. You mustn’t upload videos, especially when you’re not on a Wi-Fi network. Hope you’re not making video calls.
  5. Some games that connect to the internet to download or upload information should be put in check, you mustn’t play them always.
  6. Some apps especially those that stream media offer ways to reduce how much data they consume, effect the necessary changes.
  7. Hope you’re aware that you can do without a heavy presence on social media, especially those that feature videos – Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram? Use them sparingly.

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This article was first published on 30th April 2016


Muna is a software programmer and developer with a passion for technology.

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