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Growing up, I remember how my girlfriends and I would stare longingly at Caucasian or Indian girls and wish we had hairs as long.  We’d go on and on about how much ‘iyanga’ we would make and how we would flip our hairs back and forth just to show off the long hair. But this is no longer a dream. Studies and advancements in research have shown that healthy hair, both in looks and length are products of certain simple and basic habits in your lifestyle. To achieve desired results in the looks and length of your hair as a woman, you might have to improve and make important adjustments to certain details of your life which you ordinarily overlook. Some of the steps to take towards this goal are: Step 1 – Eat a well balanced diet Yep! Funny as it looks, it is very true. The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ holds ground even in the nature of your hair. A variety of vitamins, fruits and vegetables as well as fish, egg, beans and yoghurt are what should feature frequently in your diet. This goes a long way towards keeping your hair follicles vibrant and healthy. Any deficiencies in any vitamins or nutrients can lead to thinning hair or baldness. So, to ensure your hair grows healthy and naturally, make sure you consume a lot of these. Step 2 – Keep your stress level down
Too much stress can cause hair loss. If you are therefore experiencing a lot of pressure in your daily life, you need to take a chill pill and start to do what’s actually best for you. Learn how to relax and enjoy yourself as opposed to constantly burying yourself in the daily grind of work. Also get between 6 and 8 hours sleep each night to enhance your hairs ability to grow. Step 3 – Wash and condition your hair with high quality products Check the label for the ingredient ammonium laurel sulfate or silicon as these are damaging to your hair. When using these shampoos and conditioners, wash and rinse your hair with the coolest water possible. Step 4 – Be careful with your hair when styling Comb your hair gently and try not to over do it. As much as possible avoid the use of heat styling products like straightening irons, curling irons and hot rollers and wait until your hair is mostly dried before using a blow dryer. Use hair holders and clips that do not pull out or break off hair and style your hair in a manner that allows less breakage or hair loss. Step 5 – Trim your hair every once in a while As odd as it sounds to ask you to trim the very hair you want to have more of, trimming your hair does help your hair to grow faster and healthier. It also helps your hair follicles work less at repairing split, dead ends which causes your hair strand to move up and weaken your otherwise strong hair. Step 6 – Regularly massage your scalp Always give your scalp an all – round massage at least too to three times weekly. This goes a long way to increase blood flow and circulation in the head, thus enriching your hair follicles with essential nutrients as well as oxygen. A good scalp massage also helps to relax and improve the strength of hair roots Step 7 – Practice good hair habits This involves all the afore mentioned steps and some; such as using brushes with natural boar bristles, avoiding excessive chemical treatments like perms, bleach and colorings, minimizing heat styling and making sure your hair is completely dry before you braid or put it in a ponytail. Most women wish to have long, healthy and beautiful hair but it doesn’t happen by magic. It takes conscious effort but with a religious application of the above tips, you can help regenerate your thinning hair, and stop further hair loss. Have a hairific time! – BERNICE ALHASSAN

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This article was first published on 8th June 2012

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