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Words she says, are best said when she says nothing, the mystery behind her smiles, thousand words on the line of her lips, in silence she speaks volumes. ERU KOBE GODWIN When a lady is in love with a guy, she communicates her feelings through various means. Though subtle, they capture her intensions, express her emotions and it will take proper perception on the part of the guy to interpret the message correctly and respond accordingly. More often than not, whether a guy ask a lady out or not eventually boils down to his ability to recognize the “green light” when he sees one. It is therefore important that guys look out for these signs at every point in time. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a girl is sending you signals to ask her out, or if she is just friendly, or is actually obsessed with you. But watch closely for these cues, because if she’s throwing them at you, it means she’s probably hoping you ask her out.   She laughs at everything you say: Even when you aren’t really saying anything that funny, she just can’t help but laugh; it comes naturally. It’s not that she is faking it; she is just really giddy to be around you if she has a crush on you. So everything seems smooth, a little more fun, and a little more likely to make her bust her gut. You make her turn pink for every time you choose to be funny She loves you doing things with her: It’s funny you guys aren’t dating yet, but she keeps asking you to do a lot of stuffs just to have you beside her, like going to pick her younger ones from school, she is doing the dance of doing absolutely everything except for asking you out on a real date. You both will have a better time doing something other than working her hectic charity event or helping her move. So why don’t you do everyone a favor and ask her out? A yes to all your suggestions: She says yes to all your suggestions, undermining her personal preferences in deference to the accuracy of your judgment. You hardly have to finish the question “Do you want to go rock climb…” or “Do you want to go sight see…?” before she says yes, she’d rather be doing these things as your girlfriend. Especially if she says it like it’s not even a question more of an answer. She starts liking your likes: Wow she likes playing chess all of the sudden! She knows all about Arsenal football club even though two days ago she knew nothing about soccer? She knows all about the Naeto C album that just dropped after you were just saying how excited you were about it? Yeah, these aren’t coincidences, so don’t overlook them. Don’t make her feel dumb by saying, “Oh please you said you hate soccer!” Follow her lead. Let her brag about her new knowledge. Teach her something new. Plan a date around it because you’re definitely going to want to ask her out. Not a single guy in any of her conversation: All her conversation that involves a man revolves around you; this is because she’s not thinking of any other guy. She won’t even bring up boy-friends, because she doesn’t want you to assume they are “boyfriends” that’s a very strong sign that she want only you in the picture. High level of empathy (Hospitality): Whenever you are down or under the weather, she’s showing you her nurturing side. It’s not because she’s filling some gender role, she’s just seizing the opportunity to be sweet. All her friends are excessively excited over your presence: They are already excited to see you and already know what you do because they have heard about you. In fact, they might be sick of you. They might be thinking, “Will you just ask her out already?” So go ahead and do it. Though there are no hard and fast rules to knowing when a lady wants you to ask her out, when a guy begins to observe this signs in a lady, my simple advice from this end is that, “brother, strike while the iron is hot”  it could just be the beginning of a colourful and long lasting relationship.

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This article was first published on 23rd July 2012 and updated on July 27th, 2012 at 9:18 am

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  • Not true, when she laughs at everything u say is because she has nothing to say not because she likes you. my advice is dont b too forward, cause might spoil the idea of ‘just being frnds’

  • Does the sign work for the other way. That is a guy to a girl

  • Now i see… i got a lot of admirers. 😀

    But seriously, this obviously true… Can we have for the guys?

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