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Abimbola Fashola is popularly known as the First Lady of Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial hub. She is the amiable lady with a serene smile and motherly aura you can always find physically or not behind her husband, Governor Babtunde Raji Fashola. Connect Nigeria celebrates this great woman whose modesty and humility are model attributes for millions of women across Nigeria. Here are 7 reasons why we love Abimbola Fashola. abimbola-fashola 1. Level-headed: An apt description of the First Lady of Lagos State is that she exercises objectivity in matters involving her opinions. There is, perhaps, no better personification of the adage that says “Be swift to listen and slow to speak” than the first lady. Abimbola Fashola is one known to exercise good judgment about matters involving politics and everyday living. She is a down-to-earth person that can be trusted to speak the truth in all matters. It is without a doubt that Governor Babatunde Fashola appreciates this about her because there are a lot of flatterers at the top but he knows when he gets back home, there is a great woman beside him who is bound to tell him the unbridled truth in the most polite manner as possible.
Abimbola with husband, Babatunde Fashola at a church service
photo credit: GPLC Media
2. Charming and kindhearted: She is a pleasant woman to hang out with. Her personality is both amiable and charming. Her attitude is one characterized by honesty and fairness. Her composure is calm and appealing. She is always herself; never trying to be somebody else.
Teju Baby face, Abimbola Fashola
Hanging out with Teju Babyface
3. Breast cancer survivor: She had a battle with cancer but survived due to early detection and consistent treatment. Her deep understanding of the reality of cancer inspired her to embark on an awareness crusade to inform and help women deal with the disease. She has stressed the importance of using the free health programme in all the twenty local governments and thirty seven local council development areas in the state. “Please be aware that these diseases do not present noticeable symptoms until at the late stages, and then it will be too expensive to treat and manage and could lead to loss of life and bread winners,” she stated.
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4. Pro-Family: Mrs. Fashola has always shown that family is a priority to her. At the end of her husband’s administrative service to Lagos, she looks forward to going back to her home and enjoying the rest of the days with her family. For the most part, families beget children that are referred to as the future of the nation. The least every couple can do is to make their families a haven for growth and good development in order to secure a better tomorrow. Abimbola Fashola holds this principle dear to heart.
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5. Advocate for women participation in politics: Although she has no interest in active politics, the first lady is a vocal supporter of women participation in this terrain that society often perceives as one fit for men only. She has praised Mrs. Adefilure, Deputy Governor of Lagos State, on how dedicated she is to matters of governance. Her opinion on the subject is this: If your husband is supportive of your passion to be in government as a woman, what is stopping you? Fashola-Award 6. Advocate for good governance: She is one woman who is keen on knowing what a leader is doing differently when he/she holds a position that makes him/her accountable to the people. A leader must be accountable to the people he/she leads. She believes that the electorate has the right to ask questions on the policies executed by its leaders and requires such leaders to do more if need be. Mrs-Abimbola-fashola 7. Benevolent: Mrs. Fashola is a giver in all ways. She gives of herself, of her principles, of her values to everyone willing to receive it. As a dedicated humanitarian who gives her time, expertise, and resources to make a difference in people’s lives, especially the youths, she set up an organisation that aims to impact positively on youth development – LEARN (Lagos Empowerment and Resource Network) a non-governmental organisation established to groom youths to be self-confident and socially responsible. In recognition of her modest contribution to humanity, she was honoured by His Holiness, Pope Benedict the XVI, with a papal medal award. She is also a recipient of several awards in honor of her kind and loving nature to humanity. abimbola-fashola (1)  

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