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The long academic holiday will soon begin for school children. It is great because it means no school runs during the rainy season. But do you know, the rainy season is also a good time to travel on vacation rather than being cupped up indoors? Below are a few reasons:

1. Accommodations Are Subsidised

Because of the reduced influx of visitors, most resorts and hotels would have promo drive to draw in customers. So you can end up getting accommodation at a high-end spot for a steal. 

2. Flights Are Cheaper

There are usually delayed or cancelled flights during the rainy season. Most people change their minds about flying when the weather looks dreary and cancel their flight. This causes the airlines to offer up those seats for less at the last minute for a fraction of the actual price. And if it was the airline that cancelled the flight, compensations such as free fare to a specific location or return ticket could be offered.  

3. Beaches Are Less Crowded

Every day won’t be soaking wet during the rainy season. There will be days where the sun shines in between the rain. We even call it elephant rain when it drizzles while the sun shines. That’s a great time to hit the beach. It will be less crowded, the intensity of the waves will be impressive and you can get an amazing shot of that rare moment where the sun kisses the earth and the waves applaud as the rain falls.

4. Waterfalls Pulsate in Beauty

Farin Ruwa Waterfalls – Twitter

It’s not news that the volume of water rises during the rainy season. This is the reason why waterfalls are more glorious to visit during rainy seasons. If you think Gurara or Farin Ruwa Falls is beautiful, wait till you visit in the rainy season. Also, don’t forget to check out the waterfalls in caves e.g. Awhum falls. It will take your breath away. Warm springs like Wikki Springs are also a great water body to visit and soak up in during the rainy season. The temperature difference is a great delight. 

5. Less Crowded Tourist Sites

Badagry Slave Route: Point of no return – Lonely Planet
Marina Resort Calabar – Victor Eyo

With fewer tourists, there won’t be people photobombing your shot at most tourist sites like the slave trade museum at Badagry in Lagos or Marina in Calabar. The rains discourage people from moving around, so you can enjoy a traffic-free city tour and get great shots in tourist destinations which would probably be deserted. 

6. Enjoy Indoor Entertainments

Rufus and Bee –

This is the perfect time to enjoy a stage play at Muson centre, indoor concert at Freedom Hall or an Arcade centre like Rufus and Bee in Lagos. You could also take on indoor sports like Racquetball or Badminton for fun or try other games like snooker, bowling, etc. 

7. Water Sports For The Win

Azumini Blue River – Nigeria Galleria

To embrace the weather means being ready to get wet. With the water table rising during the season, it is a great time to enjoy water sports and activities. So you can go kayaking on the Blue Azumini River or Snorkelling off Lagos Harbour, enjoy a moment of Jet skiing at Ilashe beach, Lagos or boat paddling at Ibeno beach, Akwa Ibom. Or you can wait out the rain in a jazz club or at a restaurant like The Pier Restaurant and Lounge at Kado, Abuja. 

Featured Image Source: Victor Eyo

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This article was first published on 7th July 2019 and updated on October 10th, 2019 at 8:52 am


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