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A decade ago or so, mobile phones were still new concepts especially in our part of the world. They were still quite expensive, and mostly found with adults. Fast forward to the present, the little silicon chipped rectangular bar of gorgeous displays and nice cameras, have infiltrated and taken over our lives. Now at every ping, at every flash of the notification light, our hearts skip a beat, maybe our crush has finally replied our DM. Well, since we are stuck with mobile phones, it’s only good we learn to use it to our advantage and boycott the costs of misuse. So, here are few healthy habits you should nurture as a smartphone user.
  • Do Not Sleep with Your Phone

If you actually use your phone right up to the time you doze off to sleep, you should totally stop. Sleeping with your phone under your pillow could cause it to overheat, and this is bad for the phone’s battery. In addition, mobile devices emit tiny bits of radiation that are not exactly healthy for us. So, keep your phone at a distance when you want to sleep. You should check out this article on why not to sleep with your phone.
  • Do Not Have Your Phone On You All the Time

People have developed ridiculous ways of carrying their phones. Some guys have it in their trouser pockets all day long or on their front shirt pocket, women sometimes resort to hiding them in their bra for maybe security reasons. The word goes that you should reduce how much time your device spends on your body. Why? Because of radiation. Women have purses, which make this a bit of a walkover for them, but guys have to carry their phones on them almost all the time. Well, few tips for guys: let’s assume you’re not walking around all day, when you get to your destination, unsheathe your phone and set it in a secure place. Guys could also fancy a man purse, or something convenient to carry a phone in.
  • Use a Headset for Making Long Calls

As part of reducing phone-on-body-hours, long calls should be done with a headset, either wired or Bluetooth powered. This way you don’t have to press your phone on your face for so long and keep switching right and left from one ear to the other. If you’re in a private place, you could put the call on speakerphone or hands-free mode.
  • Your Phone is Not a Toy for Kids
Your phone is not a plaything. You need to keep your phone in a place, where children will not get a hold of it. The list of possible consequences is endless, from getting themselves injured to them dialling random numbers or ruining a good conversation with your boss. Most phones these days do not have movable parts, but a good chewing kid may chew something out of your phone (maybe the home button). An ambitious boss baby could dissect your phone, and harvest the battery, and or sim card, which is small enough to be swallowed.
  • Do Not Text While Walking or Driving

The last time you tried texting and walking, how did it go? You must have bumped into more people or walls than you would have on a normal day. How about falling into a ditch? Or suddenly realizing you’re working in the middle of the road? Texting while walking never goes well. No matter how urgent a conversation is, it’s not worth more than your health and safety. Texting and driving are a no-no, you would be endangering your life, and that of other road users, and you’d pay a good fine if you get into the net of Road safety officials.
  • Let Your Phone Cool Off If It Gets Too Hot
Yep, phone fever is a thing.  And phones do not take drugs, rather they need to rest so as to cool down. Hence, when your phone starts running temperatures, it’s time to set it down and go get busy with other chores. Hot phones are uncomfortable to use and high temperature can severely damage your device battery.
  • Do Not Use Around Fire or Inflammable Substances

You must have seen a similar warning sign at fuel stations. Your phone’s battery is quite combustible, in fact, the entire phone is combustible. Avoid placing your phone close to a fire source (maybe a gas cooker or lantern or outdoor fire), or a gas source to avoid it going up in flames.   Featured Image Credit:

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This article was first published on 19th January 2018


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