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  The idea of a romantic getaway with your partner is appealing. Unlike travelling alone, your partner has to be on the same page with you as regards the trip.
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We helped you plan your first couple-trip together by arming you with the following tips:
  1. Plan The Trip Together

Both of you should choose a destination you want to go to together and the activities you want to have at that location. Let it be open communication throughout the planning phase. Discuss issues of the budget with consideration for the person with the lower income. Make plans to disconnect from social media. Talk about the choice & frequency of activities you guys will engage in (i.e., when to relax, do stuff and have conversations). Decide who pays for what, where you guys will stay, etc. Plan to do things you’ve never done before. Plan logistics early and prepare to go with the flow if things don’t work outright.
  1. Pack Together

Ever watched a reel with the couple twinning out their outfits? That’s because they packed together. Discuss the items you are packing, so no one forgets anything important. You don’t have to cohabit to be involved in your packing choices. Also, just because you are going together doesn’t mean you need to use one suitcase. There is nothing wrong with packing separate luggage.
  1. Keep The Trip Short

This is the first time you guys will spend every minute of the 24 hours per day on each other’s faces. In an unfamiliar destination, there won’t be any useable excuse to run away from each other. Your privacy is all up for grabs. The shorter the trip, the easier it is to manage any unpredictable situation that arises. We recommend starting with a weekend vacation. For instance, if you guys live in Benin City, you can take a vacation to Ikogosi, Ekiti. Or if you are in Lagos, try a train ride to Ibadan, Ogun State, for the first vacation. That way, you spend fewer hours on the road and more time doing new things. You can also fly to maximize the time.
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  1. Work With Your Strengths

There are things both of you are good at. Work with your strengths, don’t be a jack of all trades to impress your partner. You may be good with directions and your partner could be a planner. Stick to the responsibilities that amplify your strength. Assign tasks and roles to each other and consult each other regularly so both of you work in harmony.
  1. Hangout With Other Couples

Just because you are away together doesn’t mean you guys should isolate yourselves from an external company. If you run into another couple at your destination, make out time to talk or hang out with them. Some travel agents would suggest going on a group trip to keep things lively. Other people’s presence may add some spice to the experience.
  1. Plan Secret Surprises

We know the trip could be a surprise in itself, but it doesn’t have to be the only one. Think of little things you can throw in to surprise your partner. It could be a gift you give him during the trip or an act of service you know he will love. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or mundane. Having that extra wow factor can make the trip truly memorable. Whatever you choose, just let it be special. Travelling together can either make you closer or pull you apart if not planned right. Remember, a couple’s vacation is about spending quality time together. Do all within your power to make it as memorable as possible. That way, it will be the first of many more to come. Featured Image Source: Ebony Magazine
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This article was first published on 28th October 2021


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