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With coronavirus being airborne, it seems the best place to be is at home. Since the pandemic started, the slogan ‘stay home stay safe’ has been our mantra. But how does this work in the season of love?
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Unlike Christmas, where you needed to decide who is in your bubble and how safe they are to be around, valentine limits that option to just you and your partner. And this is where the mantra becomes meaningful because you now have to plan a valentine staycation. Remember, we said staycation is a vacation you take at home. It’s a time to disconnect from the external world to enjoy the relaxing activities of a vacation. What better way to enjoy your vacation than on the day the world celebrates love. We have put together ideas to make your valentine staycation romantic and fun. See below:

Do Something Together

So a pandemic means you are safer at home alone or with the people in your select bubble. So if your partner is in that bubble, invite your significant other over to stream a live concert together or watch a movie with popcorn and soft drinks. If you guys are book worms, read a book (like Pride and Prejudice or a genre you both like) together. Try reading one chapter aloud to each other and rotating who reads the next chapter. Reading out loud together, not making sense to you? Try listening to an audiobook together. If you guys are fitness buffs, do a couple’s workout routine together. Are you a foodie? Take virtual cooking lessons together and learn how to make cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, carrot cake, heart-shaped cookies and more. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it differs from your normal routine and fun for all parties involved.

Have Fun Together

When last did you and your lover play together? Sometimes adults forget how to play, but there is a freedom that comes with being your inner child. Fun ideas like a Game Night or throwing a dance party can help you play again. You can play board games or answer quizzes for a game night in your pyjamas. Add drinks and pizzas from your favourite joints to liven it up. For a dance party, play jams that will get your heartbeat racing when you dance or practice a new dance technique from the internet (but only if you have a spacious room for this). Allow yourself to giggle and laugh from your heart in no time.

Go On A Scenic City Tour Together

Hop into your car and drive around the finest, or posh part of town together and enjoy the view. You can also take a train ride from one state to another if it is along a scenic route. Or you can drive around a mountainous region or take a walk around a flower garden. The key is to be in a place that is aesthetically pleasing together.
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Make The Whole Day A Date

This advice is best for married couples. Start with breakfast in bed, then take a bath together, discuss and make a Vision Board afterwards. Head to the kitchen for a cooking competition with your lunch meal, then turn on the TV to watch a comedy show like AY Live or a rom-com movie. Set the house for a romantic dinner with candle lights, flower petals around the house, dim lights, and soft romantic music in the background. Enjoy your dinner together with trivia date questions or journaling things about each other that you love together. End the day with a slow dance to a romantic playlist just before bedtime.

Have A ‘Spa Day’ Home Experience

Nowadays, you can get a spa experience without going to an actual spa. Once you get therapeutic beauty mask, bristle bath brush, bath salts and fizzer, nail buffers, manicure set etc., you are good to go. Recreate a spa experience at home with equipment like a facial massager, infrared massager, infrared foot massager, etc. You can also focus on small gestures like shampooing each other’s hair or rubbing their shoulders and back with scented oils or lotions. You can also take a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi, have a steam bath or pour warm water into your bathtub with bubble bath liquid soap. The aim is to pamper your bodies as a valentine gift to each other.

Rent An Airbnb Apartment

This may sound like an ‘oyibo’ idea, but there are a lot of real estate companies in Nigeria that are going into the rent of an apartment for the night business. Rather than booking a hotel, you can rent an apartment. It doesn’t have to be an Airbnb apartment like Flex Lagos 3, but it can come close in terms of décor and amenities. E.g. Redmenn & Barnes Apartment, Loving Lagos Beach House, ShortLet Nigeria, Gidi stays, etc. Let this be your private getaway. Featured Image Source: Good Housekeeping
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This article was first published on 11th February 2021


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