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Back in 2014 when Microsoft released Surface Pro 3, one thing was clear: this tablet was designed to replace your laptop… and believe me that is exactly what it did. This stuff is what I call a single device solution to all your technological needs. For those of us who are constantly burdened with the weight of an Ipad Air and/or MacBook because of the nature of our job, this tablet gives the absolute best of both worlds. With Surface Pro 3 being super light, travel-friendly and with its awesome keyboard case, if there is one thing I can say about this tablet, it is that Microsoft has done an excellent job of creating a high performance hybrid of a laptop and tablet.   1. Designed for Multitasking: In a culture where we all have several needs and deadlines, this tablet does a great job of serving our multitasking need. While working on your presentation, you can also check your social media platforms and watch your favourite movie. This tablet allows you to run 3 different apps side by side at the same time. You can add the 4th app, but the font will be greatly reduced making it super hard to read other things you are doing. You can increase or decrease the size of each app just by sliding the edge of that specific window. As a writer, one thing I love about this tablet is the fact that you are able to drag information from one window to the next, compare documents or even research and write at the same time. This feature is so effective in helping you save time and increase your productivity at work. 2. It Facilitates Ease in Management and Secures Sensitive Data: If you run an enterprise, then this is just for you. With SCCM and Microsoft Intune, you can allow your employees to work on any application through their own device and still have the ability to manage them. By combining SCCM with Microsoft Intune, you can give your employees access to applications, data and other resources that are generally reserved for key senior executives, while still keeping the information secure. Regardless of where your employees are, they have access to the business app because the app integrates the on-premise server with cloud-based devices. It also provides safety solutions in the form of Bitlocker, Trusted Boot and Windows Defender – all these work together to prevent your device from being susceptible to any malware, data modification or phishing attacks. This is particularly helpful when you are operating your device from unreliable places i.e. an airport or hotel. 3. Long Battery Life: For most users, device activity usually revolves around writing, watching videos, listening to music and surfing the net. This tablet has a long battery life which allows you to keep working without wasting time looking for power outlets. Despite its being light and compact, Surface Pro 3 boasts of up to 9 hours of battery life but this is largely dependent on the specific user activity. 4. 12” Cleartype HD display: If you are someone who spends a lot of time on your tablet, you do not have to worry about eye strains because the Surface Pro 3 is designed with a 12 inch ClearType HD display. This means you get to enjoy a high performance display which is critical for professionals to rely on for accuracy. Also regardless of the lighting in the environment you are, you can be rest assured that the display will always be clear, this is because Microsoft uses a process called optical bonding to join the different components that makes up the screen. This prevents any kind of gaps from being present between each component, lowers latency, parallex issues, makes the screen strong and most importantly reduces glare and reflectivity. 5. Access to Sophisticated Programmes: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is known for being able to run very demanding and sophisticated software i.e. AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, along with virtually every programme that you would normally use in the office. This creates an assurance that there really is no need worrying about switching from your computer to this tablet. Rather than impede your workflow, it increases your productivity. 6. Exceptional Capacity Pen: The Surface Pro 3 was primarily designed for educational and professional users; these are two demographics that heavily require taking notes, writing ideas and thoughts. The surface pen is ideal for both writing and drawing. It is ergonomic, fits perfectly in the hand and makes for a fine experience when taking instant notes or sketching. The business side of the pen which is called “the nib” is pressure sensitive which is excellent for detailed art work. The harder you press on the pen, the thicker and darker the line becomes. The pen also has an eraser button that you can click and use like you would with a pencil. And finally, with the click of the top button, you can open up the OneNote app (isn’t that just super cool?), for digital note taking and the ability to write notes in your own handwriting.   About the Writer: Eniola Adeniji is a woman after God’s own heart, a motivational Writer, Speaker, Fashion and Photography addict. She is also a Business Developer, Social Media Manager and the founder of Woman Of Value. She blogs at

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This article was first published on 30th September 2015

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