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AT times, all in the name of making our new relationship work, we make some moves which we feel would help, but these are mistakes which gradually crush the relationship.  There are some basic errors we make in our relationship and though we might not see them as a big deal, they go a long way in affecting such relationship. Some include:

  • Moving in together: It’s not advisable to move in together in a new relationship, give yourselves space. Get to know each other before staying together. Since this is what would eventually bring you both together in a long run, why be in a rush?
  • Pretending to be someone you are not: This point is also essential in a relationship. Your relationship shouldn’t be built on lies and pretences. You don’t need to pretend for them to like you. Let your spouse know the real you if he loves you he would love you for who you really are.
  • Calling and messaging: Too much calls and text messages in a new relationship could be tiring. I would advise against too much of this because it would look like you’re stalking him. Give them space and stop being burdensome.
  • Asking to meet his parent: Don’t be in a rush to meet his parents instead, take some time to know each other. It should be a step at a time. Even when you get to meet them it doesn’t guarantee future occurrence. So don’t be in a haste, take things slow.
  • Comparing: Don’t compare your relationship with others or compare your spouse with someone you previously met. Gathering of information about them and trying to use them against your spouse isn’t a good thing to do, let your past remain past and flow with the trend of your relationship. Every relationship has its unique and dynamic mode.
  • Expecting too much: being in a new relationship don’t expect too much, its a new thing don’t expect your spouse to show you 100 percent love, care, shower you with gifts and money. The relationship is still fresh and everything would come gradually. So desist from expecting him to attain the unrealistic standard you have set in your mind.

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This article was first published on 11th September 2016


Nusirat Badmus holds a bachelor's degree in Economics, She's passionate about health, personal development and relationships.

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