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  Every holiday season gives us the opportunity to relax, refresh your mind, and focus on the things we love the most. However, after a long year of work, it can be difficult to know how to unwind during the holidays. Amid Christmas trees, family gatherings, and holiday meals, creativity can easily drift away, making us feel unprepared for the new year.
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Here are 5 tips for staying creative this holiday season and keeping your creative juices flowing.


Creativity is often at the highest when can relax and keep our minds busy. We can get our creative juices flowing by simply playing. To get the most out of this, pick activities that trigger your creativity. This can be a puzzle game, a sketching session with your nephew, or a play date with friends and loved ones. You can do anything as long as it involves your mind. As you play, take note of things you observe and ideas that come to your mind.

Try Something New 

Creativity also comes from doing things that are outside the confines of your comfort zone. This can as simple as listening to a different genre of music or visiting a new restaurant in your town. When you try new things, you learn new things, and this translates to having new ideas.

Allow Yourself To Have Fun 

You’re allowed to have fun during the holidays, so don’t hold yourself back for fear that you won’t be able to adjust back to work-life.
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Yes, it can be hard to get into work mode after a period of play, but you can gradually ease yourself back into your usual routine.

Take Note Of Ideas For Your Next projects 

As you play and engage in other activities that are non-work related, you would definitely want to put down the ideas you come up with. This will help ensure you don’t forget these ideas and give you enough time to prepare for the new year. Just fill up your notes with ideas and plans that will be helpful in the new year.

Relax On Some Days

On some days, the best you can do is relax. And you should relax! Watch your favourite movie. Read a book. Take a walk in nature. Such relaxation activities will help improve your overall mood, as well as keep your creative juices flowing. Featured Image Source: Sheppard Arts
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This article was first published on 16th December 2020


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