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The center of attention when it comes to the festive season often reflects in your holiday décor. Most families spread the Christmas cheer not only by sending those special cards to friends and family but also with the aura of their home. When it comes to Christmas décor, it’s all about giving your home the feel that captures the festivities, merriments, the liveliness of the season, and making everyone that comes around to be in good spirits. Christmas tree and hanging of baubles on the tree are not necessarily the only way to give your home the touch of the season, you can also try some other brilliant Christmas decorations that reflect the magic of the season. Check out some easy ways to make your home full of festive cheer: Baubles and Trinkets Decorations with trinkets and baubles emit the Christmas flair perfectly. If you have any hanging lights, tie a few trinkets or baubles at different levels. You could even add them to your curtain rails as well. The use of lively colors There are really no rules for using a particular color palette during this period, however, since the season is for spreading joyfulness, it’s a great time to play with lively colors. Decorations with bright pink, lime green, red, and yellow give the home a cheerful feel. It’s quite hard not to be happy in a room filled with such aura. Scented candles and Vases While the festivities are undoubtedly a time when it’s ok to go overboard with decorations, it’s also more than ok to keep things simple. A simple décor like scented candles could give your home a Christmassy scent. The candles always make your home smell fantastic in no time. Alternatively, if you have spare vases lying around the house, instead of putting flowers in them, you could fill them with sweets full of festive cheer, candies, and chocolates. For more effect decorate them on the centerpiece. Display the Christmas cards Stashing away those Christmas cards does not do justice to how special they are meant to be. There are many ways to make them fancy enough to be showcased cheerfully. You could try tying a red or green ribbon on your tables and stick your Christmas cards to them, or you could place them in sequence around your television stand. Christmas tunes Joy to the world, Jingle bells, We wish you a Merry Christmas, are going to be heard a lot this period. With that in mind, you should certainly have a bit of ‘Santa Claus’ music playing in the background. It’s the perfect way to spread the Christmas cheer.

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This article was first published on 25th December 2017 and updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 10:41 am


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