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  Considering oral hygiene significant in your daily personal care routine should be a norm. Just like going for your dentist appointment might not be consistent, it would serve as a reason to relax and not worry much about your oral hygiene because you’ve got it covered.
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Oral hygiene simply means the process of caring for your mouth. Thus, if the hygiene required can be resolved by the constant use of oral products, you would be in safe hands looking out for products that are not harsh. Everything on our list is expert-approved for oral hygiene and can be easily acquired through the Kimbino shopping store, one of the most reliable online shopping stores in Nigeria. Also, note that it is never a bad idea to consult a qualified health provider regarding accurate or adequate products for your individual needs and goals. 

1 Toothbrush 

If you’re looking for a toothbrush that makes brushing fun, easy, and effective, an electric toothbrush is truly a classic. It is recommended for thorough cleansing of the teeth and gums without any effort. But, an electric toothbrush is more expensive than a manual toothbrush and it equally has its disadvantages. Some of the brushes come with a built-in timer that alerts you of how long it has been functioning. If that’s not the case for the brush you purchase, an alternative option is to have a timer or set an alarm to ring for two minutes.  Brushing too hard, fast or longer than 2 minutes would gradually hurt your gums or enamel, and that costs you another list of expenses and gives you more to worry about. 

2 Toothpaste 

Brushing the teeth isn’t optional. It is principal self-care, and selecting a toothpaste can be quite overwhelming with the number of dental products made available. Colgate has one of the best overall toothpaste made with a bunch of effective ingredients, fluoride inclusive.  Narrowing your selection of toothpaste might make you choose a different brand but for a teeth cleaning solution, the toothpaste you enjoy or decide to apply must contain the active ingredient of fluoride (a mineral that is discovered to aid in cavity prevention). 

3 Dental Floss

The only way you can clean in between your teeth is through flossing because a toothbrush cannot get into the tiny lines, however, flossing can be a chore when it comes to oral care, and that gives an insight into the benefits but also the downside.  There are so many floss options available on sale but the best is the floss you enjoy and will gladly keep up with daily. Although for an individual with braces, a floss threader is recommended.

4 Mouthwash 

After brushing and flossing, rinsing with a mouthwash is an important final step, and making use of the liquid at least once a day and ideally, after every brush time is a good recommendation. Mouthwash is not limited to the function of discharging food particles and controlling mouth odours. It is also vital in preventing plaque because of its effective attribute of killing bacteria.
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There are a lot of therapeutic mouthwashes you can either buy over the counter or order from online stores, and some require a dentist’s prescription but to avoid burning in the mouth, choose an alcohol-free product. You could also get yourself a mouthwash with flavours. Some mouthwashes have it stated on the back of the bottle that it stains teeth so pay keen attention or inquire at the point of purchase to avoid it if that’s a red flag.

5 Teeth Whitening Kits

Getting a good teeth whitening kit can be a little hard in Nigeria. However, a little courtesy visit to the Jumia shopping store can save you some headaches. Whitening strips are simple, easy, and widely available for the use of brightening teeth and removing stains. They can be substituted with teeth whiteners used to bleach your teeth when you take a visit to the dentist. The strips don’t give the same result as the whiteners because the ingredient, peroxide solution, is not as potent and they are mostly not customized to fit an individual’s mouth and can shift while fixed. When you regularly get accustomed to teeth whitening products, it can impair tooth enamel, leaving you with a higher risk of tooth decay.

When Are You Required To Visit A Dentist

A dental phobia, busy schedule or trust in products for oral care should not stop you from keeping dental appointments, especially for a long time. The following observations require you to visit the dentist with immediate effect. 1 When a tooth pain has surpassed a tolerable to the dreadful stage. 2 The moment you notice your mouth stops producing enough saliva, you are capable of being exposed to infection and decay. 3 Constant bleeding of the gums could be a warning sign. 4 Unstoppable bad breath after brushing and flossing could be a sign of a severe medical condition. 5 Bacteria from the cavity can rapidly move to the root of the tooth causing pain in the jaw, and eventually, lead to an abscessed tooth if left untreated. 6 If your tooth chips, cracks or breaks, it may not hurt instantly, but it is important to call it in with the health provider.  7 A missing tooth might affect your ability to chew and speak so a replacement might be the next line of action.


There are many other items made available for oral care. Some are effective while some are not. You have so much information at your disposal but not all are verified, but these products listed above are guaranteed for dental care.  With all that’s being addressed, when you’re in severe pain, you shouldn’t have to wait to see the dentist. Featured Image Source: Access Community Health Network
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This article was first published on 13th January 2022

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