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Unilever Nigeria’s annual IdeaTrophy Competition was launched last year to give Nigerian university students the opportunity to express their unique business ideas, be developed by professional business mentors, and get a taste of after-school life. The contest features challenging and creative ideas, opportunities for personal development, an avenue for students to learn how business works in real life while developing their skills and competencies. For IdeaTrophy, a leading Unilever brand or function is selected as the sole focus for each annual competition. Last year, the challenge began with Axe Deodorant. This year, the focus is on Lifebuoy. The IdeaTrophy is described by Unilever as too serious to be a game, as students are encouraged to take the challenge seriously. “IdeaTrophy is not a simulation but 100% RCF (Real/Cool/Fun) business experience…it is too real to be a game! So we advise you to challenge yourself before you start your own career.” Some rules for the competition are: 1. Applicants must be between the age of 18 and 24 years as at December 2012. 2. Before the Zonal championships, persons under the age of 21 years shall obtain consent of a guardian or parents and present same to Unilever before the consideration of their application/ideas. 3. Each team must comprise three students from the same university. 4. Each team should decide on a “Team Lead” among three members. The Team lead will be the main contact person throughout Unilever Ideatrophy Competition. 5. Teams and team members cannot change after phase one which is the submission stage. Click here to read all the official rules of the competition. To become a winner, you need to know what Unilever is looking for.
  • Your excitement and passion
  • Creative ideas built on strategy
  • Fit with the project brief
  • Applicability with business life
  • Linkage to target group insight
  • Effectiveness and clarity in language
If you’ve read this, and you’re sure have what it takes, and can find two more friends who also have the drive to succeed, then join the competition. Prizes to be won include a trip to South Africa, laptops, iPads, and Blackberry smartphones. Before entering the challenge, please click here to download the project brief. The project brief contains all the information about the brand in focus, Lifebuoy, its mission, and the challenge you are expected to complete. Visit the official website to enter the challenge and learn more about IdeaTrophy. For enquiries or issues on submission please send an email to: Closing date for submissions is 11th of June 2012. The best 20 entries selected will progress to the Zonal/Regional competitions.
Winners of the 2011 IdeaTrophy on their Victory Trip. Photo:

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This article was first published on 31st May 2012 and updated on June 4th, 2012 at 2:50 pm

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