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“I take rejection as someone blowing a bubble in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.” – Sylvester Stallone

Success Comes With Toil

Success is sweetest when it comes with toil. One of the important things in the journey to success is not just the destination but what you become in the process of the journey. Attaining greatness is an expedition. Nothing good comes easy. It requires a reasonable level of efforts to attain desired destination. You don’t just jump to the top. Getting to the top requires defined process, determination and hard work. You just have to keep moving no matter how tough it becomes. Obstacles are part of the journey. Never give up! Your duty is to fight your battle until you win.

Sales Objection Is Not Personal

The path to real success is filled with thorns but the people who endure are the candidates for celebration. This philosophy also applies in sales. You need to develop this mindset if you truly desire the top position in the sales world. Rejection and Objection are not personal; they are part of the process. Prospects must not buy at the first time. They take their time to take decisions. Humans are rational beings. Buyers buy when they have sufficient reasons to buy. They are propelled to take action at their own time. Salespeople should not be perturbed because of sales objections or rejections.

Giving Up Is Not An Option

Champions don’t give up!  Consistency begets results. The concept of going the Extra Mile is always apt. You must go all the miles to get things done. Sales job is an exciting job. It can also be frustrating.  It depends on the way you view it. You must develop a positive mindset in order to make your sales activities inspiring. Sales job is tough. A lot is expected from the salesman. The salesman has a lot to achieve. He has a lot of targets to meet. His office expects a lot from him. He also has a lot of personal expectations. In all these, the salesman is expected to be on the move, winning more customers and meeting his targets.

Some Will. Some Won’t!

But expectations may not come as planned. The salesman could meet objections or rejections. Some will listen to him and buy while the reverse may be the case in some other situations. Some people will buy while some prospects will not. This is the fact that awaits the salesman. The question is: Should the salesman give up amid all these challenges? My obvious answer is No! I often say humorously that if you sold without objection, you probably sold to your uncle! Objections and rejections make the sales job fun and challenging at the same time. They also toughen the salesman. Objections also make the job interesting. Great results don’t come easy. It takes concerted efforts to arrive at expected result. This should be your guide all the time.

Be Positive Minded

Positive mindset requires that you say Yes when people say No to you. It requires that you believe in yourself and in your abilities even when onlookers didn’t believe in you. The first duty the salesman owes himself is self-confidence and sense of mission. The things you want to achieve must be very clear to you. Every other thing will fall to its rightful place if the salesman has a defined direction. You must have inner audacity to believe in yourself and in your ideas. You can’t give up on this. Giving up is not an option. You are supposed to know when to hang on, when to go and come again and the time to visit the next prospect. You are supposed to develop the right attitude even when the prospect tells you to check back again in six months time. Always bear in mind that people have their differences. People see things from their world views. The things that appeal to prospect ‘‘A,’’ may not work for prospect ‘‘B.’’ It’s the duty of the salesman to discover the missing link. Equip yourself for the job and expect the best result. Don’t be discouraged because of objection or rejection. These are usual happenings in sales job. Move on with the right attitude and strategy. Successful people don’t give up. Keep moving and keep doing your best. You will surely get there! Read previous posts here.

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This article was first published on 28th February 2018 and updated on July 18th, 2018 at 6:33 pm


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