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Women You Should Know: Yimika Adesola


Yimika is the founder of Legally Engaged. It is claimed to be Nigeria’s first career centre for lawyers.

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She is a corporate lawyer with a diploma in Human Resource Management. Yimika states that she is blazing the trail for a new path in the legal profession which is as a result of her wide vista of expertise in Law and Human Resource Management from which she draws from.

A corporate lawyer and Human Resource professional, who has been described by This Day Newspaper as “a young and clever lawyer who has been blessed with foresight”, Yimika has successfully spearheaded initiatives to train young lawyers in soft skills and technical areas of law not covered in traditional education, place lawyers in various jobs across the country and provide career coaching, guidance and mentoring to thousands of Nigerian lawyers and law students.

Legally Engaged Career Centre

Legally Engaged Career Centre (“Legally Engaged”) is Nigeria’s foremost law career centre, and the first of its kind in Nigeria. It was established in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of quality education and decent work and economic growth, our mission is to unmask the legal profession in Nigeria by tackling its unemployment and unemployability problem.

The vision of legally engaged is to create lawyers who are able to compete globally and to support organizations in their bid to maximise the untapped potential in the Nigerian legal workforce. This they do by offering a full range of capacity-building services catering to Nigerian lawyers and their employers every step of the way. The services cater to individuals at the formal legal education stage, the job search stage, the first day on the job, career switch, promotions and every day thereafter.

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In other words, ‘Legally Engaged’ provides solutions to Nigeria’s unemployability and unemployment problems by training and coaching (aspiring) lawyers, and placing them with employers across Nigeria.

She is also passionate about equipping law students, graduates and young lawyers with the information they need to stand toe-to-toe with their foreign counterparts, and provides career advice and mentoring to thousands of lawyers through Legally Engaged. The overall goal of this is to provide them with the information and skills they need to enjoy fulfilling careers.

Yimika has had stints at some of the largest law firms in the world, including Clifford Chance LLP, Dentons LLP and Eversheds LLP, where she was exposed to international best practices in law practice management and operations. She is passionate about seeing those practices replicated in Nigerian law firms. She speaks and delivers training on a wide variety of issues at a national level.

In her professional legal career, Yimika has advised an assortment of sophisticated Nigerian and international clients on various areas of law including mergers, acquisitions, and capital raisings, restructurings, taxation, finance, employment, compliance, etc.

Yimika studied Law at the University of Essex, the United Kingdom where she graduated as an award-winning student. She went on to obtain a Masters’ degree (LLM) from the University College London.



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