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SME Spotlight: Oversabi Stitches


There’s been a lot of talk about Nigeria’s celebrity fashion designers and the impact they’re making on the local and global fashion scene. But while the world recognizes their stylish wears and fancy labels, not as much attention has been paid to the tailors who bring those designers’ sketches to life.

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This could change in the coming years, as contemporary tailors utilize digital technology to reach more people. In the past few years, there’s been a rise of the web and social media-savvy tailor, who markets their craft online and takes orders over the internet.

Oversabi Stitches belongs in this category. Working from a physical location in Lagos, they provide tailoring services to customers within and outside the city, and from across the world. They do this through their online outlet (their website), where customers can book services.

This combination is reflected in the skills of the enterprise’s founders. Sabina Bisong, a tailor, worked with Ari Tamunomiebi, a programmer, to build the business in its early stages. Bisong now oversees operations at the company.

Oversabi Stitches caters to customers who have a ready design they would like to be sewn and clients without a specific design in mind. They serve a broad audience, from individuals who want their clothing made from ready textile to fashion designers looking to create bespoke wear.

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The styles taken on by Oversabi Stitches include tops and shorts, T-shirts (plain or printed), dashiki (top or full), pencil skirts, jumpsuits, Ankara, dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, Agbada, Etibo, and the ‘senator’ design. A catalogue of these wears can be found on this business’s Instagram page.

Each wear has its price. Persons booking a tailoring service with Oversabi Stitches may get tops and shorts made for as little as ₦3,000, and jumpsuits done for ₦5,000. These prices do not include the cost of the fabrics with which the clothes are made. Delivery costs apply as well.

Buyers can either request that their clothes be delivered to them or visit Oversabi Stitches’ physical location (in Lagos) to pick these items up. The latter option doesn’t attract any extra charge.

If customers want their orders delivered quickly, they can opt for one of two service options: The Express Service, which delivers clothes to buyers within three days of payment for the order; and Super Express, which makes pickup or delivery possible within 24 hours of payment. There are extra charges for both these services.

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