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“With technology, the elections have been made easy. That is why I keep appealing to the Governors to embark on Voters education, to please tell the people that their Permanent Voters Card is their national card so to speak. Let them vote for anybody they want across ethnicity and religion… I think that is why I am calling on and I am begging the Governors to please continue with Voters education so that people will take their permanent Voters card seriously and make sure that they don’t lose it.” That was the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, addressing Judges at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on the night of Tuesday 29th May, 2018. The President’s call has since been supported by calls from notable personalities in the country who have expressed concerns for Nigerians to take the first necessary step towards electing deserving and qualified persons into positions of power who will birth the development Nigeria desperately needs on all fronts. In a video ad published on his YouTube channel on Monday 11 June, 2018, Presidential Aspirant and former Cross River State Governor ―Donald Duke― also beckoned on Nigerians to show they are interested in the outcome of the 2019 General Elections by acquiring their Voters cards. He said:“Hello, I’m Donald Duke and I’m urging each and every one of you watching me right now to go out there, get registered, pick up your voter’s card, and, on the day of elections, go there, cast your vote. Ensure that your votes are counted before you leave the booth. This is important, it determines your future and how well you’ll live in this country.” Addressing the same topic, popular RnB Singer cum Nollywood actor ―Banky W― also wrote to Nigerians on his Instagram page “I’ve sat in countless meetings, seminars, conferences and hangouts with young people and we are always great at pointing out our issues; but the truth is that we can sit around and complain from now until Kingdom come― It will not matter. INEC will not count your tweets. Even if you don’t know who you’re voting for, even if you hate every single candidate, at least register so that if someone comes along who you feel compelled to support, you can. If you’re really serious about wanting Nigeria to be a better place, go and register to vote. Get your PVC as soon as possible. The registration period will end LONG before the elections come, so if you think you can wait until next year, you are wrong. Get your PVC today, or don’t bother complaining about anything, because it won’t matter. Your tweets will not count. Your vote will.” 2Baba ―another Nigerian legendary entertainer with the Original name, Innocent Idibia― also lent his voice on the matter at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Campus Outreach program on `Youth Votes Count,’’ at the University of Abuja on Thursday 3 May, 2018 where he said: “Your vote is your bragging right, so get your PVCs, take your destinies into your hands; whatever you want to be in the next 10 years starts now. Let us go out and vote for our conscience. We have always been told that we are the future of Nigeria…This coming election is our opportunity to change things, your destiny is what you make of it, so use it wisely.’’ Other INEC Ambassadors like Comedian, Helen Paul, and Music Producer cum Artiste, Cobhams Asuquo, were at the same Outreach; with Cobhams appealing: “Your vote is your right. It is your power, I beg you to choose to exercise that power because it determines what kind of future we will have as a nation. “So I am begging you to use your vote wisely and intentionally collect your PVCs and make sure that come 2019, under rain or sunshine, you will come out to vote.’’ And in this exclusive video, Lagos-based Pastor, Doctor, Mentor and Social Reformer, Tony Rapu, doles strong reasons why Nigerians must not cheat themselves by taking the 2019 General Elections too lightly. Watch Video: Dear Nigerians, go get your Permanent Voters Card ready for the 2019 General Elections.   Feature Image from:

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This article was first published on 28th June 2018


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  • If the government is serious about empowering the people through PVCS, the processential shouldn’t be a headache.

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