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  1. Leaving for a place just five minutes earlier or later can make a big difference. It takes only seconds for major routes like those of the Third Mainland Bridge and the Lekki Epe Expressway to be locked down in rush-hour traffic. To beat this, workers leave their homes sometimes an hour earlier.
  2. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and Lagos State Transport Management Agency (LASTMA) are very much at work in Lagos. The busy city of Lagos is kept in order by her many rules. It is not an uncommon sight to spot the authorities tracking and pinning down offenders who try to outsmart them.
  3. Crossing the busy roads of Lagos is not a walk in the park. So the government invests a lot in building pedestrian bridges. These bridges are not an option, crossing the roads with a bridge in sight might sometimes come with penalties. Luckily, some roads are barred to make pedestrians use the bridges in order to avoid accidents.
  4. Do make rough calculations before using an Uber taxi. The more time you sit in traffic, the more cash you pay into an Uber purse.
  5. Commercial bus/truck drivers have little or nothing to lose. Private car owners should consider this before overtaking or when manoeuvring through traffic.
  6. Church camps greatly define the traffic in Lagos on some weekends. Areas mostly affected include the long Berger to Island commute via the Third Mainland Bridge, and other parts of the mainland. Take note of this while planning your movement on such days.
  7. Handkerchiefs are not just an accessory, especially when on long commutes laden with fume from automobile exhaust pipes. You’ll need them as a filter.
  8. Lagos’ signature yellow Danfo with seats made from wood and iron is not the most comfortable and certainly not your clothes’ best friend. When putting on a soft fabric, use a shawl to protect them from tearing.
  9. When in crowded places keep your belongings safe. Wind up your car’s windows when in traffic and if they must be open, keep important possessions away from an arm’s reach and definitely away from your car seat. In bustling areas like under bridges, always be alert.
  10. On some days there are hardly alternatives to struggling for a bus. On such days, only your instincts can get you in one. To avoid bus struggles is to get to the bus stop or park early, before it gets crowded with other passengers.
  11. The days are hard and the commutes long. More than once, you may find a passenger sleeping on your shoulder. If that’s inconvenient, wake them with a gentle tap. Tomorrow, you may find yourself leaning on another person’s shoulder.
  12. The Lagos Marathon comes up every second Saturday in the month of February. On that day, major routes are closed to automobiles for a certain period of time.
  13. When you have to meet a deadline but are stuck in traffic, continuing your trip with on a motorbike via link roads might be a saving alternative. Motorbikes do not ply all routes, though.
  14. Yellow cabs are not allowed into some estates.
  15. Don’t assume in Lagos. If you’re not sure of a place or thing, always ask.

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This article was first published on 15th November 2017 and updated on November 25th, 2017 at 2:08 am


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