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Traveling with a toddler is like traveling with a rock band: you have to tote and carry everything. My motto is that you must be prepared. If you are not prepared, it could be highly stressful.

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You and your child will be better prepared for a successful trip if you plan ahead of time.

Here are 12 Travel Tips for Babies and Toddlers:

1. If you’re flying, reserve a seat with a bassinet connection and, if necessary, a separate seat for your older child.

During the pre-boarding phase, have one parent board the plane with the bassinet or the toddler’s car seat, then de-board until it’s time to take off. This way, the bassinet or car seat is ready to go, but you and your child can spend the extra 30 minutes walking around and being active rather than sitting on the crowded plane.

2. Bring snacks and fluids with you.

Make sure to bring nonperishable foods. Because airplanes are drying, keep your baby hydrated. I also recommend bringing a sippy cup or bottle to suck on to help relieve air pressure, particularly during takeoff and landing.

3. Bring an abundance of extra clothing and diapers.

Dress your baby or toddler in layers that can be removed if your child becomes too hot or layered back on if your child becomes too cold. A crying baby is a cold baby. Remember that messes can happen whether you’re flying or driving, so keep an extra outfit and diapers nearby and easily accessible.

4. Sit right next to your baby at all times.

You are his haven, his home… mom and dad are everything to him. So, if you’re driving, have one parent drive and the other sit in the backseat with your child. You won’t have to keep looking back to console him because he’ll feel safe and secure with you next to him.

5. Bring favorite sleep-related items for your child.

Bring his favorite toy, blanket, and pillow to ensure he is both comfortable and cozy. You want to bring items that your baby associates with bedtime so that you can give him cues that help him sleep rather than having to give him sleep medicine.

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Finally, in the airplane, lower the shades. Sun shades can be used in a car to block out light from the windows. All of this can help the baby relax and fall asleep.

6. Bring fun items related to the countries or states you’ll be visiting.

Bring snacks that are unique to your destination. Tell him about the places you’re going. Include games and storybooks about the countries or states you’ll be visiting, as well. As a result, a family vacation can be both a fun and memorable journey as well as a teachable moment.

7. Plan trips around your child’s sleep schedule.

Your child can change into his pajamas as soon as he boards a plane or enters a car and, fingers crossed, fall asleep. This is a very important tip to take note of.

8. Bring along your child’s favorite toys.

Bring only soft toys – nothing with sharp edges or that could hurt him if there is turbulence. Having his favorite toys with him will make him feel secure and comfortable, as well as keep him happy.

9. Avoid road trips that last more than 6 hours.

Children are small people, and sitting in one place for extended periods is unhealthy for them, just as it is for adults. If you’re driving, try to plan stops along the way that are safe, public, and allow you to stretch your legs.

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Do your research and plan out well-lit rest stops, restaurants, or shopping malls along your route so that you can all get out and your baby or toddler is not confined to a seated position for hours.

10. Bring toys, treats, or activities that have been wrapped.

A toddler, in particular, will concentrate intently on whatever is concealed in a surprise package. This could be a fun activity for him. Keep these toys in your bag until he becomes tired or cranky, and then you’ll have something new and exciting to distract and pique his interest.

11. Bring fully charged technology, as well as portable chargers.

Prepare ahead of time by ensuring that your tablet and phone are fully charged and that you have extra chargers on hand on the plane or in the car in case the batteries die during your journey.

12. Use music and games to keep your child entertained while driving.

Sing songs, tell stories, make up rhymes, and play games to keep him entertained. Playing Baroque music can also help calm and soothe your child; therefore, keep it nearby and accessible at all times.

Ultimately, whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile, the goal is to be well-prepared. Plan ahead of time, pack ahead of time and schedule ahead of time. Children will look forward to trips if they are child-centered and enjoyable. Remember that you are only as happy as your least happy child, so consider the age and needs of your little traveling companion, and everyone will have a good time.

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This article was first published on 4th July 2022


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