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A home without décor is like a woman without her accessories. Our eyes are created to appreciate beauty and this is why looking good is appealing and beautiful scenery relieves tension. Here are ways you can enhance the beauty of your home.
  1. Ankara: Bring a touch of vibrancy into your home using colourful Ankara pieces. Throw pillow covers, curtain fasteners, and side stool tops can be made of them.  10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  2. Books and shelves: Get a whole shelf, floating shelves or just a nice place for books.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  3. Candles: Buy candles and light them. Relieve stress by watching the flames flicker. Scented candles are also a bonus, giving your home a new scent. But note, DO NOT light candles in a room that has the air conditioner on or that is not properly aerated.  10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  4. Centre rug: Use a centre rug in spaces not completely floored by a rug or carpet for example tiled or terrazzo floors.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  5. Indoor plants: From potted plants and terrariums to climbing and hanging plants, live greens bring a feeling of wellness, reasons not far from their ability to purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other toxic gases, and giving out oxygen.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  6. Mirrors: Mirrors create an illusion of space, making small spaces look big. If that is not enough benefit, always smile when you look at yourself, it would make you feel good. And don’t just get any mirror, get something really arty.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  7. Lighting: Is your home getting enough light? Like mirrors, light enhances space and a lack of it could make your home feel cramped. Lighting is also used in creating special effects like the coloured mood lights and for specific purposes like table lamps or floor lamps.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  8. A Piece of art on the Table: Depending on the decorative style you choose for your home, get yourself some piece of figurines from local craft markets or contemporary art shops for tables, stools or shelves.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  9. A Piece of art on the Wall: Create a delightful distraction for when the eyes go up and move from wall to wall. A painting, picture frame, attractive wall stickers or inspired writings will do the magic.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
  10. Potpourri: Are you short on ideas on what to do with dried leaves, flowers, and tree barks from your garden? Create your own scent and style of potpourri and place them in ornamental bowls, clear glass vases or mason jars. Already made potpourri is also available in supermarkets. Here is how to make potpourri.10 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
Now, if a home without décor is like a woman without her accessories, one with too much décor might not end up as tasteful. Always keep it simple and lovely.

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This article was first published on 3rd August 2017


Nnenna is an editor and writer at Connect Nigeria. She loves fine art, books and places.

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