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A lady lives in her handbag, hence it is her prized possession as it holds an entire universe.  We know it is wrong to touch a lady’s handbag, so we are letting you in on the secret contents of her bag:

Sanitary pads/pant liners:

You can be gross all you want but it’s the reality of women and they take it with pride. The woman always has this at hand in her handbag in case of emergencies.

Notebook and a Pen:

Well, maybe not every woman but most women always have the handy paper and pen. A sheet of paper to spare to quickly leave a note. A lot are stationery fetish. They buy just because it appears beautiful.

An extra pair of earrings:

There is always a set of extra earrings. So no matter the occasion, a lady is armed with her tools. She can have either a casual earring, a party earring or a corporate earring. Or one that does the function of all.

The Cell phone and phone charger:

Thank God for the inventor of Power Bank. Their phone always has to be on to ‘ping’. There’s always the charger and power bank in her bag. Anywhere there is an available socket, they charge.

An umbrella:

Or sometimes a shower cap. That device that protects us from rain just as to protect expensive weaves especially during rainy seasons. She does not joke with it. A great weapon for self-defense also. Efficient in avoiding unwanted social interactions.

A scarf:

Either for fashion or religious reasons, many a lady has been found a culprit to having scarves in their bags.  They are inexpensive and a lady can’t have too many of them in her bag.

Old receipts:

Consciously or not, a lady’s bag is filled with receipts of her last shopping spree. Those things you assume are wastes, are reminders of how well she spends her money.

Tissue papers:

“Aunty, you get tissue?” As if every lady is a manufacturer of tissue papers. This is based on generalized assumption as a result of empirical evidence that ladies love their tissues. Sometimes, it is to get rid of excessive make ups, well there is face wipes now, other times for toilet business. Mostly, for cleaning up her mess, whether when there is a running nose, crying or sneezing.

Small sewing kits:

These may consist of gums, buttons, and safety pins. A lady’s bag is a tool kit for unexpected moments she faces in life. For more on items found in the sewing kits, click here.

Emergency Makeup kits:

One cannot always explain why Make up keeps smearing. Just so a lady doesn’t look like a blotched masquerade in front of her beau.  Emergency Make up kits,: powder, mirror, lipsticks or lip gloss are the surest way to go. You are never fully dressed without a little bit of color on you. Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comments.

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This article was first published on 26th July 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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