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In a bid to enhance and improve our smartphone and tablet experience, many android apps come out on a daily basis. This daily output makes it quite difficult to keep up with the recent apps. So here’s a list of new apps not just for those who want to try out something novel, but for tech-savvy people who want to remain smart.
  1. BASKET If you like Pocket, you might love Basket. This is a newer app further simplifies your organization and allows you to save articles, videos, and other types of links for later viewing and sharing. In Basket, data can be organized into various categories like news, research, recipes, and miscellaneous stuff.
  2. DROIDID The DroidID app takes advantage of the inbuilt fingerprint support from Android Marshmallow. It allows one to unlock their computer using the device’s fingerprint scanner. To use, simply download and set up the computer companion app, with the mobile app, and then proceed to unlock your computer via your fingerprint.
  3. EXPENSIFY If logging and managing expenses are what you need, a simple app like Expensify can get the job done without costing you a dime. From your Android or iOS device, Expensify makes it easy to snap photos of a receipt, which it then quickly analyzes in order to extract the relevant details and put them (along with an actual image of the receipt) into your records. It has other handy features, too, like the ability to track and log mileage using your phone’s GPS, and the data is always available on any device you sign into as well as via its Web-based application.
  4. HOUND Since last year, this voice assistant app has been in beta. In March, it shed the beta tag for good and became available to the general public. In what can be termed a fair competition with Google Now and Cortana, users can ask Hound a variety of questions to get answers. In addition are inbuilt supports for text messages, phone calls, Uber, and more.
  5. HUB KEYBOARD Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard is a keyboard which contains extensions that allow you to interact with other apps without leaving the app that you’re logged in. With it, you can share documents, contact information and translate text directly from the keyboard without being required to open another app. Though still in preview, meaning users might be disturbed by bugs currently, the concept proves to be at its best in the near future.
  6. KLARA Klara is a new weather application that offers short and long-term forecasts including precipitation, temperature, and even cloud coverage. Its aesthetic material design earns it an amazing user experience.
  7. LASTPASS AUTHENTICATOR As a new security-oriented application, LastPass Authenticator gives you the experience of having a two-factor authentication almost anywhere. Whilst working alongside the standard LastPass, users get alerted when someone tries to sign into their accounts without their approval and then can shut down even while away from peripheral devices.
  8. PLAYSTATION VIDEO Sony’s newly released PlayStation Video allows users to view and watch any video that has either been rented or purchased on Sony’s *PlayStation Store. The app also offers a fairly decent selection of movies and TV shows for users to rent or purchase.
  9. PROTONMAIL If you value security, then you should use ProtonMail. With ProtonMail, you do not have to worry about having your emails read by a third party. This is enabled by the end-to-end encryptions for your emails designed by the developers. In addition to other benefits, users can also send password protected encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail email addresses.
  10. STRE.AM is a new live streaming service through which you can broadcast what’s going on with your camera and also broadcast stuff like gaming on your device screen. You can create your own content and also browse content created by people who are already using the app.
Listed apps are free, available on Google Play Store (*PS is available on Sony Play Store) and easy to use. Enjoy!

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This article was first published on 6th April 2016


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