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twitter bird Wondering which handles to follow on Twitter this weekend? It was with great excitement that Nigerians welcomed Ebony Life TV, which launched this week on DSTV Channel 165. We’re already being treated to loads of entertainment and inspiration by the Ebony Life team, and we expect no less from their tweets. Follow: 1. @Ebuka Bio: Evolving! It’s a process… Okija, Nigeria · Tweets We Love – ‘Dream big’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘dream unrealistically’. – Always creepy watching myself. – @GIDEON_OKEKE It has always been weird for me. But you’re supposed to watch and improve on your work. Tough! -The Pidgin English word ‘sabi’ is one of the leftovers of Portuguese immigrants in Lagos; borrowed from “saber” which means to know. #YouCare   2. @LAkintobi Bio: Nigerian, Freelance Journalist, Documentary maker & troublemaker. Loves words, wit, sarcasm & cold sprite. … Lagos/London/U.S · Tweets We Love: – I love it when folks take responsibility and grow. Love it. – My “real life” style isn’t compatible with my job. Also, a lot of my clothes are in Lagos while I’m in Calabar. Living in 2 places is hard. – I miss shrimp. And Bell peppers. Calabar needs a big chain grocery store, man. – Tip for the dudes: Every woman is different, but most of us infinitely appreciate patience, thoughtfulness & manscaping. You’re welcome.   3. @Zainab__Balogun Bio: Actress. EbonyLife TV Presenter.Model. Creative. Food Lover. Part-time Superhero. Tumblr blog: Baldilocks Facebook: Tweets We Love: – That great feeling when your audience is happy makes the long nights worth it. Well done team! Cc:@EbonyLife_TV @TheSpot_ELTV @EL_NowTV -God bless the Arik Hostess but waking a sister up whilst she tries to catch some sleep with ‘You must take cake!’ is asking for trouble. – I just spent 40mins of my life looking for a restaurant so I can have what I crave only to find out they’re not open. I’m sad right now. – I can do pretty much anything for food. Yes I said it!   4. @EkengBassey Bio: Presenter @EL_NowTV, Independent Artiste, Actor, Charming, Witty, Childish, Vintage Male Fashion Lover, Single, Selling & Successful. Calabar · Tweets We Love Hello guys, don’t forget to tune in 6:30pm CAT to channel 165 on DSTV to catch me presenting the global black entertainment news @EL_NowTV – What you say is what you get. Say something positive today. – I hear people say do what you love so it doesn’t feel like work. Well I’ve found passion for something could be exhausting – Moses on the @NigerianIdol was amazing tonight. Brother, you know now that God sure makes things beautiful in its time.   5. @Rhecks Bio: Management: PR: • The rain does not stop falling just because the calabash is full • Tweets We Love- Thank YOU for watching/tweeting/even reading about @EL_LoveLounge. I hope you grow to love us and make us a part of your weekly routine. – If you missed ‘Toxic Affairs’ on @EL_LoveLounge yesterday, your next chance to see it on TV is THIS Thursday, 22.30 CAT. #LoveLounge@EL_LoveLounge is a syndicated radio & TV show. The first radio edition will air next week on The Beat 99.9FM. #LoveLounge@Chigolicious many thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Future episodes will definitely aim to give you that je ne sais quoi.   6. @StephanieCoker Bio: TV PRESENTER | ACTRESS | VOICE OVER ARTIST Talking is my Business! #StephRocks U.K and Nigeria · Tweets We Love: -It’s always good to measure where you are and where you are going, but do not forget to be thankful for where u are coming from. #StephRocks – So I just got the real gist about the run away plane. A man purchased it apparently to teach learners in badagry. So he had it towed #genius – If one’s will does not prevail, one must submit to an alternative. #stephrocks – Secret millionaire is so touching. Pray to be blessed so you can bless others.   7. @MoAbudu Bio: Talk show hostess, TV producer, Media entrepreneur, Human Resource Management consultant and Venture Capitalist – July 1 2013, I launched EbonyLife TV, the first African woman to launch a TV channel. The global press call me The Oprah of Africa. @Oprah – Wow! I feel blessed, excited and very humbled. The launch of @EbonyLife_TV made yahoo news. #IfYouThinkItYouCanDoIT – It is important for young people to work in an organization before starting their own business so as to learn – #WOWe -We complain about the other woman’s shoes, dress, face before we do business with her, but how does that change the price of bread? #WOWe…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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This article was first published on 5th July 2013


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