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In Nigeria, when people talk about going green, conserving energy and helping the environment we live in, everyone looks at you like a JJC (Johnny Just Come). These are topics you hear mainly on CNN, Discovery and other channels that are non Nigerian. There are sometimes you go places and they are using energy conserving bulbs but do they know its advantages? There is one resource that is highly wasted just because it is naturally available and has no date of expiration. This resource is water. Water is one of the most important elements to human life. Although there are some known cases of water allergy, water is one element needed to sustain life. The feeling that water is going to last forever allows the wastage of this resource. There are simple steps in conserving water daily especially for those who pay for the water they use.
  1. Checking for Leaks: small leaks waste about 20 gallons of water, while larger leaks waste hundreds of gallons. Getting a plumber to check your leaky taps and pipes as soon as the leaks are spotted is a great way to save gallons of water
  2. Turn off the tap after wetting your tooth brush: many people do this; they leave the water running while they brush their teeth. Some people feel at ease and others just feel its cleaner but you can save over about 8 gallons of water daily.
  3. Using the trash can not the toilet bowl: how many of you wipe your face and throw the tissue into the bowl and flush? Or use the toilet as an ash tray? Using a trash can saves you five to seven gallons every time you flush.
  4. Wash food in a bowl: Rather than letting the tap run while you wash every single food item, put water in a bowl and wash the food items there. This will save you hundreds of gallons.
  5. Install water-saving equipments: there are water-saving shower heads, water-saving taps and many more that can improve the challenge of conserving water.
These are but a few ways to conserve a resource that is very important in our everyday lives. It might seem unnecessary but think of those who lack the natural resource and don’t even have the option of conservation because they have no water to conserve. Let us cherish water like its gold because we can live without gold but we cannot live without water.

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This article was first published on 22nd March 2012


Dami is the editor and business developer for she is an On-Air Personality and also an Artist with a focus in sculpting and pottery.

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