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So I have a confession to make… Yours truly happens to be a HUGE short movie buff. I’m a lot better than I was back in the day, now that I think of it. Back when SWIFT was a lot more generous to us internet addicts. Anyway, my reasons for liking short films are not too far fetched but I thought I’d note them down regardless. For one thing, the films are kinder to our precious mobile data (Halleluyah, someone?), and then, if they’re really really good, they make for great entertainment that’s not too time-consuming but yet memorable. This last reason is a bonus because if you’re like me, sitting down for an hour and a half in front of a screen just doesn’t cut it any more with so much to do and so little time. An added point on short films is this: I love the ones with unexpected plot twists at the end – the kind that make you scream at the screen in anger or joy or a mixture of both. Like when it turns out the boy Girl A has been crushing on all through is a ghost, or when a love story reaches its climax but is then cut short by a stray bullet. Absolutely priceless. In no particular order, these are three short films that definitely deserve recognition for being brilliant works of art. The best part for me is that they’re all made by Nigerians, proving that our creative industry shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. Far from it.   1. Udoka Oyeka’s Down And Out: Films like this make you go down on your knees and thank God for the life you have. You think you have problems? Many people have issues ten times worse than yours, but are skilfully able to disguise them behind smiles. This film follows the lives of two strangers brought together by yet another unexpected plot twist. And no, it’s not a romance flick. Starring Kemi Lala Akindoju, back when she was still up and coming.   2. Tolu Ajayi’s Blink: Five words: “Everything’s going to be alright…” From the phenomenal underwater scene to the nicely crafted plot, this short thriller is sure to leave you breathless, stunned senseless and emotional. Warning: Tears at the end won’t be in response to sadness, but to how good Nigerian films can be with the right direction, acting and visual effects.     3. Wana Wana’s Shrink: Have you ever stared at the mirror and hated the person staring back at you? Undoubtedly, most women and even men have at some point in their lives – be it their bodies as a whole or a part of them that leaves much to be desired in their eyes. The lovely Miss Wana, who’s a popular on air personality, TV show host and arts enthusiast, bared it all in this short film about a young, self aware woman conscious of her weight. Our society has for centuries put down overweight women for their size, so it was very touching to see what goes on in the minds of ladies who face this on a daily basis. A big thank you to Miss Wana for this heartfelt piece.   Have a good time watching, and do remember to share the fun with a friend or two! For more educative and fun video clips, check out our CNTV page.    

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This article was first published on 8th August 2015


Ify Halim is a Writer and media enthusiast based in Lagos. She enjoys writing self-help/inspirational articles with published work in UYD Magazine, Edufrica, Our Stories Inc. and The Keele Concourse. She currently works at, Nigeria’s Information Portal. Follow her on Twitter @MissHalim or visit her online space at

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