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By Cynthia Jacobs.
I doubt there is any Nigerian Music Lover who is not familiar with the “Super Producer”, Temitayo Ibitoye, Tee-Y Mix, but for a few that are unsure, Tee-Y Mix is the fingers behind award winning and party jams like 10 over 10, 5 and 6, Tony Montana, Kini Big Deal by Naeto C; Everyday, Everything, Shakashiki, Juwonlo, by 9ice;  Adara by Sasha; Eyes Don’t Lie by Alaye; No Be Lie by Banky W; Carry Dey Go by Darey ft. Tuface;  No More Mr. Nice Guy by Ikechukwu; Love Truly by Iyanya; this is just to mention a few. To some who know and watch MTN Project Fame West Africa, he is the detail and hard to please Judge. Below is the interview with the incredible talented producer, Tee-Y Mix.   CN: We have been following your brand for a while starting from your production of “Adara” by Sasha, to the Club Banger “Gentle-o” by Naeto C. You have consistently remained one of the best Producers in Nigeria. Thank You for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with Our First Question is: Who is Tee-Y Mix? Tell us more about your brand.  What is the “one thing” your fans do not know about you. Tee-Y: Tee-Y Mix is the serial hit maker who adds value to the Nigerian entertainment industry. One major thing many people do not know about me is that I can sing; for instance, I did some backup singing for 9ice on his Bashorun Gaa album. Also, Tee-Y Mix is the brand that guarantees you three things:
  1. World-class music production quality in all genres.
  2. Value added responses from target audience or groups.
  3. Success with rewards.
  CN: So we know Naeto C, Sasha and Darey, are there any “Underground” artist you have worked with? How Many songs have you produced? Tee-Y: Yes, I have and do work with a lot of underground. To be honest, I cannot remember how many songs I have produced especially since I have been producing since 1999 (laughing).   CN: I have heard you being called an “underrated” producer; do you agree with that statement? Tee-Y: No, I do not agree with that statement. I believe that I have been favored in many ways in this industry.   CN: What other producers, songwriters or artist do you see as your primary inspiration? Tee-Y: Quincy Jones is my all time favourite; he has been able to produce songs that transcend time. I also admire the work of Michael Jackson – he would always be legendary.   CN: I am a novice when it comes to Music Production, so how does this work? Does the artist tell you what type of beat they want to their song or you come up with beats that you feel are appropriate with their Lyrics? Basically, How do you come up with your beats? Tee-Y: It works differently for different artistes but usually I encourage a production meeting in which we discuss the direction we want to go with the beats. Issues like mood, genre, style, references and lyrical content are agreed upon in the meeting. This gives a clear idea of what we want to achieve with the song and will determine if I have to create a beat and have the artist write over the beat or produce a beat over an already written song.   CN: You have been in the industry for a while and worked with many stars, Can you tell if an artist single/album would do well or not? Tee-Y: Yes, to a large extent I can tell if an artist’s single/album would do well or not. However, some unexpected hits come from songs that I didn’t think would top the charts. Music consumption can be unpredictable sometimes (laughing).  
Tee Y Mix with Darey Art Alade; Credit:
  CN: What is a Day in your studio “E.T Quake Studios” Like? And what would you say is distinctive about Tee-Y Mix Productions? Tee-Y: A day in E.T Quake studios is a day full of creative people working hard to push the envelope, set standards and inspire fans generally. Tee-Y Mix productions is aimed at adding value to as many who come in contact with us. We are ‘in tune’ with the Nigerian entertainment industry, ‘in tune’ with our environment, ‘in tune’ with requirement for being uniquely different, ‘in tune’ with making hits and club anthems.   CN: Do you have a new artist you mentor or you strictly work with people who have made a name in the industry? Tee-Y: Yes, I have artistes that I mentor. There are on-going plans to start a label soon.   CN: Congratulations on your website launch and your Foundation, “Sound Heart.” Can you tell us a little bit more about them? Tee-Y: Thank you very much. With our website (, we want to entertain, educate and empower the many people who visit our website. These three Es – Entertain, Educate and Empower are at the core of many things that we do. We are also breaking barriers and challenging the way many websites in this industry are done; we have more than a presence or basic website. We see our website as an opportunity for fans to create their own content and entertain other people. We see our website as an opportunity for those people outside cosmopolitan cities to upload their mixtapes and get noticed by talent scouts, for instance. We see and use our website as an active forum for a sound revolution. Keep visiting! Well, Sound Heart foundation is our little way of giving back to society by helping and inspiring children with special needs through music. The government cannot do everything for us. We have to be our brother’s keeper and show kindness to those around us. We have partnered with Pacelli School For the Blind and partially signed to help revitalize their music department. I must say that it is quite an inspiring experience to hear and see these children. They have taught me that, it is one without a vision in life that is blind and not one who has lost his or sense of sight.   CN: What advice do you have as a producer to upcoming artistes trying to make it into the industry? Tee-Y: Be true to yourself and be sure you are ready to passionately compete in this industry.   CN: What can we expect from Tee-Y Mix Productions in 2012 and moving forward? Has the thought of owning a production school crossed your mind? Tee-Y: A lot has been happening already. We are presently trying to promote “beat boxing” in Nigeria. This is a culture that is well embraced in Europe, America and other parts of the world but yet to gain full acceptance in Africa. We believe that this is another form of great entertainment and it could help nurture the dreams of many talented people in Nigeria. You would be amazed at the number of people who can actually beat box here; go check out the personal video uploads of beat boxing on our website. We also intend looking at signing up an artist as well on our new record label. We are looking at a charity concert for Sound Heart tagged ‘Music for Charity’ where all proceeds goes to children with special needs. Also, we are currently working on a production school outfit for the fourth quarter of this year. However, our format of this production school is really unusual. So, we implore you to keep abreast of all brand activities through our most entertaining website.   CN: Finally, I am sure a lot of ladies are wondering if the very talented, handsome, humble Entrepreneur is available or taken. Tee-Y: (Laughing) He is available… hurry now while offer last!   CN: When you are not in the studio, what do you do for fun? Tee-Y: Watch movies, play video games, hangout with friends, cook sometimes or sleep!   CN: Where is E.T. Quake Studios located? How can sessions be booked? Tee-Y: You can reach us at our address, send an email through our website, or call us. 4, Kujore Street, off Ogudu Road, Ojota, Lagos. Suite A18, Bensima House, Redsea Close off Agunyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja. For more information on Tee Y Mix: Tel: +23418426629 Email: Website: Twitter: @teeymix    
About the Author Cynthia Jacobs is a web enthusiast and a blogger who loves everything from style to fashion. She is also a chief editor on her own creative blog,  where shares pictures of fashion blunders and fashion advices as well. She is also a guest writer on 

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This article was first published on 7th June 2012 and updated on June 12th, 2012 at 1:47 pm

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  • please if there is any rules concerning signing to your record label i would gladly abide all i need is a chance to show my worth at least get someone to believe in me

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