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24 years old singer and songwriter, Gloria Ilaye, released “Metaphors”, her fourth single in April 2019.

The singer says she is both lost and found in the process of curating music, and paints an alluring yet lucid picture of a naive girl who has a crush on someone to whom she is unable to express her affection. She therefore attempts to convey her thoughts and feelings to her love interest via metaphors.

Ilaye’s previous singles, “Castle Wall”, “Shut it down”, and “Binoculars”, were each outstanding expressions of her creativity and artistry, and “Metaphors” is replete with unconventional imagery.

This song was written by Ilaye and produced by Tejiri.


Ilaye – Metaphors (Lyrics)

Love is a subway train
And I’m a late night traveler
I see you from the corner of my eye
You look like you’ve been running all your life

So if I sit real still
If I shake or spill
My coffee all over this coach
Would you notice me?
Would you take my hand?
Let’s journey
Down this road

Love is a vicious sea
And I’m a morning voyager
I see you from the distance
On the shore
You look like you’re in search
Of something more

So if I ride the wave
If I call your name
As loudly as my voice can reach
Would you notice me?
Would you take my hand?
Let’s journey
On this ship

Take my hand
Come with me

Love is a million words
And it turns out I am taciturn
But right here in this moment
I can find
A couple metaphors
To speak my mind


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This article was first published on 26th June 2019


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