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The emPawa Foundation calls itself Africa’s first music incubator programme. Mr. Eazi, one of the most eccentric and charismatic artistes to find success in Nigeria’s music scene, conceived the emPawa model in 2018, as a vehicle for the development of artistes. Referring to the power of a dream, Mr. Eazi says,

“It’s something I wish someone had created when I first started making music. Sometimes, all it takes is that one person to believe in you.”

-Mr Eazi

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Joeboy is one of emPawa’s most successful projects. The 22-year-old Lagos native was a member of emPawa’s first class. With the investment money he received from emPawa, Joeboy shot a music video for his first single, Baby. The clean, impressive track shot to the number one spot on Apple music charts in Nigeria and Ghana. At that point, Nigeria began to pay attention to Mr. Eazi’s prodigy. His follow up singles, Beginning and Don’t Call Me Back have enjoyed persistent airplay, and the quality of Joeboy’s sound has attracted a substantial following. His lyrics are so honest and heartfelt, they invoke memories. His vocals are hypnotic, and with the help of impeccably produced instrumentals, Joeboy creates magic when he sings. It may be too early to say, but from all indications, things can only get better for Joeboy.

The song of the week, All For You, is the 4th track on Love & Light, Joeboy’s debut E.P. emPawa Africa released an animated visualizer for the song 4 days ago. In the visualizer, Joeboy has to deal with an unusual situation: a girl puts the shakara aside and asks to be with him. Joeboy is already with another girl, but when she sees Joeboy consider the new girl’s offer, she walks off in irritation (who wouldn’t?). With his lyrics, Joeboy resists, then gives in to the new lady’s charms. Offering all of himself to her in the end.

The melody is familiar. Like Joeboy’s previous songs, the instrumentals on All For You are smooth and exciting. You have to move to the sweet rhythm of those synths and drums. Meanwhile, listening to Joeboy croon those lyrics makes you want to sing along. One of Joeboy’s strengths is that his music is not just enchanting, it’s relatable. So when his music carries you away, you’re more than happy to go along with it.

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In an interview with Okay Africa where Joeboy talks about his music and his debut E.P, Joeboy explained the influence behind Love & Light:

“The main inspiration behind the songs on the new EP is just the idea of love and happy music, happiness. Music that you listen to and just gets you hyped up and makes you feel good inside.”

Love & Light was released on the 8th of November. His pre-released singles; Baby, Beginning and Don’t Call Me Back, all appear on this E.P. It might impress you to know that all five songs on Joeboy’s debut E.P are topping Apple Music’s Top 100 Nigerian songs chart.  All for You is currently sitting at the No. 6 spot. Don’t Call Me Back and Beginning are sitting at the No. 2 and No. 3 spots respectively. Blessings is at No. 24.






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This article was first published on 12th November 2019


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