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Prophecies predicted well Imaginations weren’t perfect Until the lighting in the sky Shone of the brightest star Wise men could fathom the signs The Son, oh! The Prince had left His throne Enmity erupted like a tremor The Saviour was saved Growing in the midst of foes But who could have stopped The link to salvation Years went by Self-denial a great tool Power came through emersion Celestial voices declared His Sonship Descending Dove was a sign The mission began Please, restore my sight! The broad way is the easiest But the narrow way is the safest There is no trilemma but a dilemma I may soon be gone But live after me, He said. The score must be settled His blood is the key The crown of long sharp thorns Was a complement to the pain on the cross Mother could not bear the loss Father! Where art thou I shall live again The gap has been bridged By His stripes, we are healed The Son, oh the Prince, is now a King. The prophecies are fulfilled “It is finished.”

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This article was first published on 25th March 2016


Oyewole is a software developer who loves reading, writing and watching movies. He is currently working at the Sanni Bello Vocational Training Centre, Kontagora, Niger State.

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