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  This week, social media was characteristically actively buzzing.


Sympathetic members of the Twitterati have greeted the news that D’Banj’s much-publicized rape saga would be at an end after all with mixed feelings. A great many have expressed regret at the suddenness of the decision by Seyitan’s camp in withdrawing the suit. Others have said that while it was not unexpected, it was not surprising at all. And I see their point because this is Nigeria after all. In honesty, I wish she took it further not to spite D’Banj but just so celebrities get to understand that they cannot just get away with bad behaviour. We do hope Seyitan finds closure somehow and moves on gingerly from this.
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Nothing lit up the social media space quite like the NDDC probe by the House of Reps and all the drama that came about as such. From Pondei’s botched attempt at having a heart attack to Akpabio’s dribbling of the House committee when he had his own session with them (especially that earth-shaking revelation that had the committee chairman chanting “issokay”, looking for a mic to turn off) to the funny take by that elder from the Niger Delta on Arise News who claimed that Pondei fell under the influence of Aso Rock magic when he saw the figures, Nigerians ate up the drama like a good meal. The memes flowed in and thousands of tweets flowed in on the back of the event. The sad fall out of this, in my opinion, is that the very impact of how much harm has just been done to millions of lives on the back of stolen funds is lost on us all. We would rather cackle at the foolishness but there are students who would not finish school because officials entrusted with their fees had other plans for that money. The House seems more rattled by Minister Akpabio attempt to implicate the House in the scam and they have since asked him to reveal which house members are involved but the honourable minister has since backtracked on the statement. Sadly, we may soon sweep this under the carpet as by this time next week, we would be about a new case of corruption just like last when Magu was on all our lips. It seems we live for the drama only.


I know, it is almost like we can’t catch a break from this government of ours, right? Well, we can’t because the Federal Government came up with another hare-brained plan to raise revenue by announcing it will be imposing a 6% tax on rented properties. As if it was not enough, NIPOST has asked courier companies to remit 2% of revenue in order to maintain their license. Neither actually makes sense because there is not that much money flying around in this period. Countries are cutting taxes and rent all over the world but our own government thinks it wise to tax us to fund a wasteful expense that is the cost of government. Hopefully, the pressure that has been mounted so far will tell because some policies just won’t work. Featured Image Source: The Street Journal
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This article was first published on 25th July 2020


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