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  In 2021, many businesses are now aware of the impact of social media. They establish their brands on social media to increase reach, boost engagement, and promote brand awareness. However, one of the details that can make or break a business before it even begins its marketing strategy is a target audience. 
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What Is A Target Audience?

A target audience defines the group of people that your content is intended for. Business Dictionary defines it as “A Particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of an advertisement or message.” They are the group of people who would react to your content and may eventually generate leads. At this point, the importance of a target audience must be clear to you. But you might still fail to understand the exact reasons why you should sit down and define a target audience before marketing on social media. Here are 3 things that happen when you target the right audience.

Your Content Will Have Purpose 

Businesses that want to succeed on social media can’t afford to adopt a general approach when posting content. To increase their chances of turning prospects into customers, they must consider factors like age, gender, lifestyle, and occupation. This information gives you an idea of who you’re serving and the kind of content they like to see. It also makes the content creation process more manageable and helps you plan effectively.
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You Would Be On The Right Social Media Platform(s)

Knowing the social media platform you’re going to be marketing on is just as important as the content you’ll be producing. Not all audiences thrive on the same social media platform. For instance, over 70% of Pinterest users are females, with only 16% being males. Attempting to use all social media platforms or go for the wrong one will set a business up for failure. Ensure you choose the right social media platform by paying attention to factors like age, gender, education level, and occupation of the people on it.

You Would Make Judicious Use Of Your Resources

Having a target audience can help businesses know which segments of their audiences to target the most with their products or services. This is especially crucial when it comes to international brands like Google which target audiences in various countries. These brands must be able to tweak their products and services when targeting a particular country or region. Small businesses also benefit from defining their audience because a variety of buyers may find a product appealing but may still have different needs and wants. Therefore, small businesses have to make their marketing more focused to appeal to the audience(s) they serve. The process of defining a target audience can take time, research, and tweaking but it will be well worth it in the end. Featured Image Source: Sprout Social
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This article was first published on 14th April 2021


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