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  Influencer marketing experienced exponential growth despite the pandemic.
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This was possible due to the increase in content consumption during the pandemic. Studies show that there was an influx of users on social media and the time people spend on these platforms has also increased. How can you take advantage of this opportunity in 2021? Here are a few steps to follow when you’re working with influencers that can engage your audience with impactful messaging.

Work With Niche Influencers 

In recent years, niche or micro-influencers have received more attention than their counterparts, macro-influencers. Not only are they more effective in driving engagement, but they’re also more affordable. Niche influencers are brand promoters with a social media following of anywhere between 1000 to 100,000 followers. Despite their limited reach when compared to macro-influencers, they have over time built a loyal audience and high engagement rate. There’s nothing wrong with working with celebrities or macro-influencers if you have the budget for it, but there are some risks to consider. Macro Influencers have a more scattered audience and they tend to have lower engagement rates.

Nurture Your Relationship With Influencers 

When you work with influencers, seek long-term relationships instead of having to start from scratch when it’s time for another campaign. This saves you time and enables your audience to trust your brand since it’s often endorsed by a particular influencer.
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Moreover, working with an influencer that understands your brand increases the potential for more quality work in the future. To find the right influencer for a collaboration, track your work history with influencers you’ve partnered with and identify those who have produced outstanding results.

Incorporate Videos In Your Strategy 

A 2020 study showed that consumers prefer video content in the form of How-To tutorials, short-form videos, question-and-answer videos, among others. This allows you to partner with influencers to produce high-quality videos. You can request them to make videos that resonate with your audience and provide solutions to their problems.

Leverage Paid Advertising To Enhance Your Strategy 

Don’t just stop at partnering with influencers. Promote your influencer content by using paid advertising. Doing so enables you to reach even more of your target audience. While influencer marketing is a powerful strategy, incorporating paid advertising gives you the added advantage of bypassing the tricky social media algorithm and reaching a wider audience. Featured Image Source: European Business Review
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This article was first published on 16th June 2021


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