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  The key to becoming a business that people want to patronise on social media is by showing your audience that you have their best interest at heart. At the end of the day, people will follow you, may buy from you if they can trust what your brands stand for, and not just what it claims to offer.
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Here are some best practices for gaining more customers with your social media strategy in 2021.

Deliver Good Customer Service 

Quality customer service is just as important on social media as it is offline, if not more important. When people experience bad customer service with a brand operating traditionally, they turn to social media because it is an easy way to communicate their concerns and get responses to their complaints. Therefore, being available to solve problems for your customer on social media is non-negotiable. Invest more time and resources in building a customer-friendly environment for your followers and they’ll always trust you to help them with their issues.

Actively Engage 

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for fostering a community in 2021. By replying to comments and starting conversations, not only will you gain followers who are on the same page with you but you’ll nurture relationships that will be vital in your brand promotion strategy. People talk about brands they like, and the most-talked-about brands are the most successful. Make your brand worth talking about by actively engaging with your audience.

Promote Your Social Media Channels 

Although social media makes it easy for people to find you, there’s still competition. You have to make it easier for people to follow and find you by linking your social media channels to your site, promoting them in your email marketing, and asking for follows at the end of your blog posts. Also, ensure your social media pages are always presentable.

Develop Authenticity 

Every action you take to promote your brand is a step towards building a brand voice. People take notice of this and build an impression of your brand. Captivate your audience by making them the main character of your story. Make them understand exactly what they’ll be benefitting from your brand and leave no room for doubt. People want to buy from businesses they trust and understand. You can only achieve this through authenticity. Featured Image Source: glaadBLOG
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This article was first published on 5th May 2021


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